1. 0a36864 Revert "[JITLink] Fix some C++17 related fixmes." by Lang Hames · 2 hours ago main master
  2. d1ee3c7 [ADT] Deprecate Optional::{hasValue,getValue} (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 2 hours ago
  3. 5860d39 [ConstFolding] fix overzealous assert when converting FP half by Sanjay Patel · 3 hours ago
  4. e049dce [InstCombine] add tests for bitwise logic; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 26 hours ago
  5. efbea2f [JITLink] Fix some C++17 related fixmes. by Lang Hames · 4 hours ago
  6. bccdd88 [X86] Add test case to recombine LEA from OR. by Amaury Séchet · 4 hours ago
  7. d67028c Revert "[RDF] Remove explicit template arguments from Print" by Aaron Ballman · 8 hours ago
  8. 908026a [ARM] Regenerate vector_store.ll tests. NFC by David Green · 8 hours ago
  9. 2439e08 [demangler] Add getters for Qual/Vector/Pointer types by Alexey Bader · 6 days ago
  10. 9b452c2 Added warning about outdated feature into Kaleidoscope tutorial text by Shivam Gupta · 2 days ago
  11. 2ed71cc [llvm] Use range-based for loops (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 13 hours ago
  12. 01fd5cd0 [x86] Remove unused declaration processWaitCnt (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 13 hours ago
  13. 5b6c619 [Target] Remove unused forward declarations (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 13 hours ago
  14. 8e8c1fc [llvm] Fix comment typos (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 13 hours ago
  15. c57fb87 [llvm] Drop unnecessary const from return types (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 13 hours ago
  16. d0c2e95 [llvm] LLVM_NODISCARD => [[nodiscard]]. NFC by Fangrui Song · 20 hours ago
  17. c199497 Revert "[SampleProfileInference] Work around odr-use of const non-inline static data member to fix -O0 builds after D120508" by Fangrui Song · 20 hours ago
  18. d51509c [ADT] Fix signature of StringSet::insert by Fangrui Song · 21 hours ago
  19. 8c2930d [RDF] Use default TargetOperandInfo if not given in constructor by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 25 hours ago
  20. b55ebb2 [RDF] Remove explicit template arguments from Print by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 27 hours ago
  21. a0c70b4 Use value instead of getValue (NFC) by Kazu Hirata · 26 hours ago
  22. f4e5330a [NFC] add test cases for D123366 by Chen Zheng · 3 weeks ago
  23. e4ae147 [PowerPC] fix stack size allocated for float point argument by Chen Zheng · 4 weeks ago
  24. b226d00 [gn build] fix 547c551925c8f4dd by Nico Weber · 32 hours ago
  25. acf50e7 [gn build] Try to fix build on linux after std=c++17 switch by Nico Weber · 32 hours ago
  26. e9b12988 [llvm] Remove uses of deprecated `std::iterator` by Markus Böck · 33 hours ago
  27. 8971887 [gn build] port b1356504e63ae better (c++17) by Nico Weber · 32 hours ago
  28. 3224e6e [gn build] port b1356504e63ae (c++17) by Nico Weber · 32 hours ago
  29. 4a8299f Transform illegal intrinsics to V_ILLEGAL by Leon Clark · 2 days ago
  30. c3029cf [LLVM] Update C++ standard to 17 by Tobias Hieta · 2 days ago
  31. 7ffbdc4 [NFC] add test case for D129558 by Chen Zheng · 4 weeks ago
  32. bdaf621 [DAGCombiner] Hoist funnel shifts from logic operation by Filipp Zhinkin · 2 days ago
  33. 4e273d7 [ORC] Fix a memory leak in LLVMOrcIRTransformLayerSetTransform. by Lang Hames · 2 days ago
  34. 5a9de88 [examples][ORC] Add missing call to LLVMDisposeBuilder to example. by Lang Hames · 2 days ago
  35. 1b056ee [NFC][Inliner] Add Load/Store handler by Vitaly Buka · 4 days ago
  36. f0c8e38 [test][SimpleLoopUnswitch] Precommit test for D129599 by Ruobing Han · 2 days ago
  37. 84fddd3 [NFC] Regenerates X86's win64-bool.ll by Amaury Séchet · 2 days ago
  38. d7cd8cb [RISCV] Don't use li+sh3add for constants that can use lui+add. by Craig Topper · 2 days ago
  39. 6a4c055 [llvm][macos] Fix usage of std::shared_mutex on old macOS SDK versions by Tobias Hieta · 2 days ago
  40. e87e9b8 [RISCVInsertVSETVLI] Remove an unsound optimization by Philip Reames · 2 days ago
  41. 45878b2 [WinEH][ARM64] Split Unwind Info for Fucntions Larger than 1MB by Zhaoshi Zheng · 4 weeks ago
  42. ca995c1 [InstSimplify] make uses of isImpliedCondition more efficient (NFCI) by Sanjay Patel · 2 days ago
  43. 8471f8a [SVE] Expand DUPM patterns to handle all integer vector types. by Paul Walker · 9 days ago
  44. 51dc145 [InstSimplify] use isImpliedCondition() instead of semi-duplicated code by Sanjay Patel · 2 days ago
  45. 56f178c [x86] add tests for bitwise logic of funnel shifts; NFC by Filipp Zhinkin · 2 days ago
  46. 387870e [AMDGPU] Remove unused MIMG tablegen variants by Mirko Brkusanin · 3 days ago
  47. 70c4840 [NFC] Add SmallVector constructor to allow creation of SmallVector<T> from ArrayRef of items convertible to type T by Dawid Jurczak · 3 days ago
  48. a19b660 [ConstProp] Don't fallthorugh for poison constants on vctp and active_lane_mask. by David Green · 2 days ago
  49. 2913644 [llvm][IROutliner] Account for return void in sort comparator by David Spickett · 3 weeks ago
  50. 5ca330d [X86] Move getting module flag into `runOnMachineFunction` to reduce compile-time. NFCI by Phoebe Wang · 2 days ago
  51. 15eb892 [CMake] Find python before searching for python modules by Dimitry Andric · 3 days ago
  52. 9d83c69 [LoongArch] Implement more of the ABI by wanglei · 3 days ago
  53. c68fbc2 [AArch64] Tone down the number of repeated fmov N2 scheduling tests. NFC by David Green · 3 days ago
  54. 78cd7da [Coroutines] Remove lifetime intrinsics for spliied allocas in coroutine frames by Chuanqi Xu · 3 days ago
  55. c3cba3b [AArch64][GlobalISel] Recognise some CCMPri by David Green · 3 days ago
  56. 5657ffb [AMDGPU] Pre-commit tests for D130797 by Austin Kerbow · 3 days ago
  57. 4579436 [llvm][ir] Add missing license to ProfDataUtils by Paul Kirth · 3 days ago
  58. a019518 Reland "[X86][MC] Always emit `rep` prefix for `bsf`" by Phoebe Wang · 3 days ago
  59. 94dc7cf [test][llvm-reduce] Use opaque pointers in tests by Arthur Eubanks · 3 days ago
  60. 07ef769 [TTI] Change new getVectorInstrCost overload to use const reference after D131114 by Fangrui Song · 3 days ago
  61. 0d49c3e [ValueTracking] improve readability in isImpliedCond helper functions; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 3 days ago
  62. 47fba12 [RISCV] Relax another one use restriction in performSRACombine. by Craig Topper · 3 days ago
  63. a5103c8 [ValueTracking] reduce code in isImpliedCondICmps; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 3 days ago
  64. 00dc7f1 [InstrProf] Set prof global variables to internal linkage if adding a comdat by Arthur Eubanks · 5 days ago
  65. 49a98a8 [AArch64][TTI][NFC] Overload method 'getVectorInstrCost' to provide vector instruction itself, as a context information for cost estimation. by Mingming Liu · 4 days ago
  66. be943ae [AArch64] Add some extra GlobalISel CCMP tests coverage. NFC by David Green · 3 days ago
  67. 6421f13 [Attributor][FIX] Deal with implicit `undef` in AAPotentialConstantValues. by Johannes Doerfert · 3 days ago
  68. 7f43043 [gn build] port 976f37050dbd more by Nico Weber · 3 days ago
  69. 9992377 [Docs] Fix missing docs strings for CallingConv.h by Marc Auberer · 3 days ago
  70. 51230e1 [InstSimplify] add tests for or-of-icmps; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 7 days ago
  71. 82ddb48 [gn build] Port 4038c859e58c by LLVM GN Syncbot · 3 days ago
  72. e3ee050 [RISCV] Relax a one use restriction performSRACombine by Craig Topper · 3 days ago
  73. 1337e27 [Symbolizer] Implement data symbolizer markup element. by Daniel Thornburgh · 3 weeks ago
  74. 5af65fa earlier I fixed a bug where the BB removal pass sometimes created by John Regehr · 3 days ago
  75. d42433f [NFC] Define NumBuiltinElts utility just once at the beginning of SmallVectorTest file by Dawid Jurczak · 3 days ago
  76. 2a5b4fe [InstrProf] Add the skipprofile attribute by Ellis Hoag · 9 days ago
  77. b220c68 [gn build] Port 2138c906458e by LLVM GN Syncbot · 3 days ago
  78. a5b594f [IR] Move support for dxil::TypedPointerType to LLVM core IR. by Joshua Cranmer · 3 days ago
  79. 46524c95 [VP] Add widening for VP_STRIDED_LOAD and VP_STRIDED_STORE by Lorenzo Albano · 4 days ago
  80. a379af7 [Docs] Added my office hours by Michal Paszkowski · 3 days ago
  81. 687bee8 [gn build] Port a203acb9dd72 by LLVM GN Syncbot · 3 days ago
  82. 753407a [llvm-reduce] Split operands-skip.ll into serial and parallel parts by David Spickett · 10 days ago
  83. a0c02ff [ORC] Actually propagate memory unmapping errors on Windows by Martin Storsjö · 5 days ago
  84. 1415132 [ORC] Fix a warning about an unused variable on Windows. NFC. by Martin Storsjö · 5 days ago
  85. 40b3f61 [LegalizeTypes][VP] Add split operand support for VP float and integer casting by wanglian · 11 days ago
  86. 8342e35 [RISCV] Add cost modelling for vector widenning reduction. by jacquesguan · 3 weeks ago
  87. f41525f [X86] Support ``-mindirect-branch-cs-prefix`` for call and jmp to indirect thunk by Phoebe Wang · 9 days ago
  88. 56fcfe6 [RISCV][test] Add inloop reduction vectorize test. NFC by jacquesguan · 4 days ago
  89. c1e21cf [WebAssembly] Improve codegen for v128.bitselect by Thomas Lively · 4 days ago
  90. cf3e361 [X86] Teach PostprocessISelDAG to fold ANDrm+TESTrr when chain result is used. by Craig Topper · 4 days ago
  91. 1e5e8ca [ORC] Ensure that llvm_orc_registerJITLoaderGDBAllocAction is linked into tools. by Lang Hames · 4 days ago
  92. 2903486 [JITLink] Add tests for FDEs with bad CIE and PC-begin pointers. by Lang Hames · 4 days ago
  93. 7700848 [BoundsChecking] Fix merging of sizes by Arthur Eubanks · 5 days ago
  94. d5144f6 [NFC][Inliner] Add cl::opt<int> to tune InstrCost by Vitaly Buka · 6 days ago
  95. f3ba067 [LoopInterchange][PR56275] Fix legality with negative dependence vectors by Congzhe Cao · 4 days ago
  96. 102f7bd [DependenceAnalysis][PR56275] Normalize negative dependence analysis results by Congzhe Cao · 4 days ago
  97. b24c0a4 [CostModel][RISCV] Add test coverage of floating point rounding intrinsics by Philip Reames · 4 days ago
  98. b01fcf4 Add switch to use "source_filename" instead of a hash ID for globally promoted local by Bill Wendling · 3 weeks ago
  99. 095a312 [gn build] Port 0cb9746a7d85 by LLVM GN Syncbot · 4 days ago
  100. 6235146 [nfc][mlgo] Separate logger and training-mode model evaluator by Mircea Trofin · 4 days ago