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include "llvm/Option/"
// lib.exe accepts options starting with either a dash or a slash.
// Flag that takes no arguments.
class F<string name> : Flag<["/", "-", "/?", "-?"], name>;
// Flag that takes one argument after ":".
class P<string name, string help> :
Joined<["/", "-", "/?", "-?"], name#":">, HelpText<help>;
// Boolean flag which can be suffixed by ":no". Using it unsuffixed turns the
// flag on and using it suffixed by ":no" turns it off.
multiclass B<string name, string help_on, string help_off> {
def "" : F<name>, HelpText<help_on>;
def _no : F<name#":no">, HelpText<help_off>;
def ignore : P<"ignore", "Specify warning codes to ignore">;
def libpath: P<"libpath", "Object file search path">;
// Can't be called "list" since that's a keyword.
def lst : F<"list">, HelpText<"List contents of .lib file on stdout">;
def out : P<"out", "Path to file to write output">;
def deffile : P<"def", "def file to use to generate import library">;
def nativedeffile : P<"defArm64Native", "def file to use to generate native ARM64 symbols in ARM64EC import library">;
def llvmlibthin : F<"llvmlibthin">,
HelpText<"Make .lib point to .obj files instead of copying their contents">;
def llvmlibempty : F<"llvmlibempty">,
HelpText<"When given no contents, produce an empty .lib file">;
def machine: P<"machine", "Specify target platform">;
defm WX : B<"WX", "Treat warnings as errors",
"Don't treat warnings as errors (default)">;
def help : F<"help">;
// /?? and -?? must be before /? and -? to not confuse lib/Options.
def help_q : Flag<["/??", "-??", "/?", "-?"], "">, Alias<help>;
// The flags below do nothing. They are defined only for lib.exe compatibility.
def ltcg : F<"ltcg">;
def nodefaultlib: P<"nodefaultlib", "">;
def nodefaultlib_all: F<"nodefaultlib">;
def nologo : F<"nologo">;
def subsystem : P<"subsystem", "">;
def verbose : F<"verbose">;