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//===- CoverageReport.h - Code coverage report ----------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This class implements rendering of a code coverage report.
#include "CoverageFilters.h"
#include "CoverageSummaryInfo.h"
#include "CoverageViewOptions.h"
#include <map>
namespace llvm {
class ThreadPool;
/// Displays the code coverage report.
class CoverageReport {
const CoverageViewOptions &Options;
const coverage::CoverageMapping &Coverage;
void render(const FileCoverageSummary &File, raw_ostream &OS) const;
void render(const FunctionCoverageSummary &Function, const DemangleCache &DC,
raw_ostream &OS) const;
CoverageReport(const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
const coverage::CoverageMapping &Coverage)
: Options(Options), Coverage(Coverage) {}
void renderFunctionReports(ArrayRef<std::string> Files,
const DemangleCache &DC, raw_ostream &OS);
/// Prepare file reports for the files specified in \p Files.
static std::vector<FileCoverageSummary>
prepareFileReports(const coverage::CoverageMapping &Coverage,
FileCoverageSummary &Totals, ArrayRef<std::string> Files,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
const CoverageFilter &Filters = CoverageFiltersMatchAll());
static void
prepareSingleFileReport(const StringRef Filename,
const coverage::CoverageMapping *Coverage,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
const unsigned LCP,
FileCoverageSummary *FileReport,
const CoverageFilter *Filters);
/// Render file reports for every unique file in the coverage mapping.
void renderFileReports(raw_ostream &OS,
const CoverageFilters &IgnoreFilenameFilters) const;
/// Render file reports for the files specified in \p Files.
void renderFileReports(raw_ostream &OS, ArrayRef<std::string> Files) const;
/// Render file reports for the files specified in \p Files and the functions
/// in \p Filters.
void renderFileReports(raw_ostream &OS, ArrayRef<std::string> Files,
const CoverageFiltersMatchAll &Filters) const;
/// Render file reports with given data.
void renderFileReports(raw_ostream &OS,
const std::vector<FileCoverageSummary> &FileReports,
const FileCoverageSummary &Totals,
bool ShowEmptyFiles) const;
/// Prepare reports for every non-trivial directories (which have more than 1
/// source files) of the source files. This class uses template method pattern.
class DirectoryCoverageReport {
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
const coverage::CoverageMapping &Coverage,
const CoverageFiltersMatchAll &Filters = CoverageFiltersMatchAll())
: Options(Options), Coverage(Coverage), Filters(Filters) {}
virtual ~DirectoryCoverageReport() = default;
/// Prepare file reports for each directory in \p SourceFiles. The total
/// report for all files is returned and its Name is set to the LCP of all
/// files. The size of \p SourceFiles must be greater than 1 or else the
/// behavior is undefined, in which case you should use
/// CoverageReport::prepareSingleFileReport instead. If an error occurs,
/// the recursion will stop immediately.
prepareDirectoryReports(ArrayRef<std::string> SourceFiles);
// These member variables below are used for avoiding being passed
// repeatedly in recursion.
const CoverageViewOptions &Options;
const coverage::CoverageMapping &Coverage;
const CoverageFiltersMatchAll &Filters;
/// For calling CoverageReport::prepareSingleFileReport asynchronously
/// in prepareSubDirectoryReports(). It's not intended to be modified by
/// generateSubDirectoryReport().
ThreadPool *TPool;
/// One report level may correspond to multiple directory levels as we omit
/// directories which have only one subentry. So we use this Stack to track
/// each report level's corresponding drectory level.
/// Each value in the stack is the LCP prefix length length of that report
/// level. LCPStack.front() is the root LCP. Current LCP is LCPStack.back().
SmallVector<unsigned, 32> LCPStack;
// Use std::map to sort table rows in order.
using SubFileReports = std::map<StringRef, FileCoverageSummary>;
using SubDirReports =
std::pair<FileCoverageSummary, SmallVector<StringRef, 0>>>;
/// This method is called when a report level is prepared during the
/// recursion. \p SubFiles are the reports for those files directly in the
/// current directory. \p SubDirs are the reports for subdirectories in
/// current directory. \p SubTotals is the sum of all, and its name is the
/// current LCP. Note that this method won't be called for trivial
/// directories.
virtual Error generateSubDirectoryReport(SubFileReports &&SubFiles,
SubDirReports &&SubDirs,
FileCoverageSummary &&SubTotals) = 0;
Error prepareSubDirectoryReports(const ArrayRef<StringRef> &Files,
FileCoverageSummary *Totals);
} // end namespace llvm