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# RUN: llc -march=hexagon -run-pass if-converter -o - %s -verify-machineinstrs | FileCheck %s
# The register r23 is live on the path bb.0->bb.2->bb.3. Make sure we add
# an implicit use of r23 to the predicated redefinition:
# CHECK: %r23 = A2_tfrt killed %p0, killed %r1, implicit killed %r23
# LivePhysRegs::addPristines could accidentally remove a callee-saved
# register, if it determined that it wasn't pristine. Doing that caused
# r23 in this testcase to be dropped from the Redefs set, and subsequently
# the necessary implicit use was not added for it.
name: foo
tracksRegLiveness: true
- { id: 0, offset: 0, size: 4, alignment: 4, callee-saved-register: '%r23' }
body: |
successors: %bb.1, %bb.2
liveins: %r0, %r1, %r23
%p0 = C2_cmpgti killed %r0, 0
J2_jumpf killed %p0, %bb.2, implicit-def %pc
successors: %bb.3
liveins: %r1
%r23 = A2_tfr killed %r1
J2_jump %bb.3, implicit-def %pc
successors: %bb.3
liveins: %r1, %r23
%r0 = A2_tfr %r1
liveins: %r23