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  1. 4ba5b90 [Metadata] Add GNU extensions for call site DWARF symbols by Djordje Todorovic · 16 minutes ago master
  2. ff07b17 [ExpandMemCmp] Honor prefer-vector-width. by Clement Courbet · 40 minutes ago
  3. af74a3f [PowerPC] Fixed missing change flag of emitRLDICWhenLoweringJumpTables by Kai Luo · 2 hours ago
  4. 2d7ed24 Teach the DAGCombine to fold this pattern(c1 and c2 is constant). by QingShan Zhang · 3 hours ago
  5. 8af0cf9 Revert [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Refactor output target parsing by Rumeet Dhindsa · 5 hours ago
  6. f425e02 Revert [llvm-objcopy][NFCI] Fix build failure with GCC by Rumeet Dhindsa · 5 hours ago
  7. a20cb04 [NFC] Fix buildbot breaks due to r364375 by Nemanja Ivanovic · 5 hours ago
  8. 39f43cf [ARM] Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough after D60709/r364331 by Fangrui Song · 5 hours ago
  9. bbaaf67 [PowerPC][NFC] Add a TOC save test case prior to posting a related patch by Nemanja Ivanovic · 6 hours ago
  10. 40a575f gn build: Merge r364288. by Peter Collingbourne · 6 hours ago
  11. 4044bf9 [PowerPC] Mark FCOPYSIGN legal for FP vectors by Nemanja Ivanovic · 6 hours ago
  12. 0d23e8b [PowerPC][NFC] Move peephole optimization of RLDICR into a method. by Kai Luo · 6 hours ago
  13. 4c2ebe6 MC: correct the emission of weak aliases in COFF by Saleem Abdulrasool · 7 hours ago
  14. 6a559cdf [WebAssembly] Fix list of relocations with addends in lld by Keno Fischer · 7 hours ago
  15. 8910947 Teach TableGen Intrin Emitter to handle LLVMPointerType<llvm_any_ty> by Erich Keane · 8 hours ago
  16. 1c5d0ae [WebAssembly] Remove catch_all from AsmParser by Heejin Ahn · 9 hours ago
  17. 56f0574 Dump what value failed byval attribute verification by Reid Kleckner · 9 hours ago
  18. 4d1e610 [MachinePipeliner] Fix risky iterator usage R++, --R by Jinsong Ji · 10 hours ago
  19. fdb08e3 [PowerPC][NFC]Add a test for MachinePipeliner bug by Jinsong Ji · 11 hours ago
  20. e2fe625 Don't look for the TargetFrameLowering in the implementation by Matt Arsenault · 11 hours ago