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  1. fa4dbf7 [New PM] Introducing PassInstrumentation framework by Fedor Sergeev · 5 minutes ago master
  2. f02ce8d [TableGen] CodeGenDAGPatterns::GenerateVariants - use BitVector::set() where possible. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 7 minutes ago
  3. fd06cb2 [InstCombine] Don't transform sin/cos -> tanl if for half types by Benjamin Kramer · 29 minutes ago
  4. 45e1986 Verify commit access in fixing typo by Calixte Denizet · 65 minutes ago
  5. 60bebed [TableGen] CodeGenDAGPatterns::GenerateVariants - use BitVector::push_back() by Simon Pilgrim · 72 minutes ago
  6. ab1155a [ADT][BitVector] Add push_back() by Simon Pilgrim · 82 minutes ago
  7. 2fdd5d3 [RISCV] Codegen for i8, i16, and i32 atomicrmw with RV32A by Alex Bradbury · 2 hours ago
  8. c75b449 [COFF] Emit @feat.00 on 64-bit and set the CFG bit when emitting guardcf tables by Hans Wennborg · 3 hours ago
  9. 94083e0 [X86][SSE] Update extractelement test in preparation for D52140 by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago
  10. e8654da [DebugInfo][Dexter] Speculated BB presents illegal variable value to debugger. by Carlos Alberto Enciso · 4 hours ago
  11. aef0513 [DWARF Verifier] Add helper function to dump DIEs. [NFC] by Jonas Devlieghere · 4 hours ago
  12. b74b9fd [WebAssembly][NFC] Remove extra space in by Thomas Lively · 12 hours ago
  13. b496702 AArch64MacroFusion: Factor out some opcode handling code; NFC by Matthias Braun · 12 hours ago
  14. b064c24 ScheduleDAG: Cleanup dumping code; NFC by Matthias Braun · 12 hours ago
  15. 9a1a4ca [XRay][compiler-rt] FDRLogWriter Abstraction by Dean Michael Berris · 13 hours ago
  16. 50dce07 [WebAssembly] v4f32.abs and v2f64.abs by Thomas Lively · 15 hours ago
  17. 638f42a Revert r342494 as it was failing on a bot and the author cannot look at it until tomorrow. by Douglas Yung · 17 hours ago
  18. 520d38c [benchmark] Mention another cherry-picked change in README.LLVM. NFC. by Martin Storsjo · 17 hours ago
  19. 7dee23a [bugpoint] Revert r318459 by Don Hinton · 18 hours ago
  20. 9ae6d92 Remove svn:executable from a documentation file. by Kristina Brooks · 18 hours ago