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  1. c506c7f [DTU] Refine the document of mutation APIs [NFC] (PR40528) by Chijun Sima · 70 minutes ago master
  2. 721cba8 [X86] Remove FeatureSlowIncDec from Sandy Bridge and later Intel Core CPUs by Craig Topper · 80 minutes ago
  3. 46f8c8c Temporarily Revert "[X86][SLP] Enable SLP vectorization for 128-bit horizontal X86 instructions (add, sub)" by Eric Christopher · 2 hours ago
  4. 796e642 [Dominators] Simplify and optimize path compression used in link-eval forest. by Fangrui Song · 2 hours ago
  5. 9c6fe66 [RISCV] Implement pseudo instructions for load/store from a symbol address. by Kito Cheng · 3 hours ago
  6. f3778de [Dominators] Delete UpdateLevelsAfterInsertion in edge insertion of depth-based search for release builds by Fangrui Song · 4 hours ago
  7. 7be6d48 [PowerPC] exploit P9 instruction maddld. by Chen Zheng · 4 hours ago
  8. fd5a6ee [WebAssembly] Generalize section ordering constraints by Thomas Lively · 5 hours ago
  9. cd5266d [WebAssembly] Refactor atomic operation definitions (NFC) by Heejin Ahn · 5 hours ago
  10. 13d54bc [InstCombine] regenerate test checks; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 6 hours ago
  11. 0418995 [WebAssembly] Fix load/store name detection for atomic instructions by Heejin Ahn · 6 hours ago
  12. 7112182 CMake: Fix stand-alone clang builds since r353268 by Tom Stellard · 6 hours ago
  13. 76db3f4 [WebAssembly] Fixed disassembler not knowing about OPERAND_EVENT by Wouter van Oortmerssen · 6 hours ago
  14. 760f1da gn build: Merge r354365 more by Nico Weber · 6 hours ago
  15. eb07f6b [GVN] Small tweaks to comments, style, and missed vector handling by Philip Reames · 6 hours ago
  16. a2bba1e gn build: Merge r354365 by Nico Weber · 6 hours ago
  17. 5b8739f [lld-link] preserve @llvm.used symbols in LTO by Bob Haarman · 7 hours ago
  18. bcf1836 [BPF] make test case reloc-btf.ll tolerable for old compilers by Yonghong Song · 7 hours ago
  19. 81e598f Revert "[InstSimplify] use any-zero matcher for fcmp folds" by Sanjay Patel · 7 hours ago
  20. a42abce [GVN] Fix last crasher w/non-integral pointers by Philip Reames · 7 hours ago