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  1. c6005c0 [X86][CLMUL] Use the default CLMUL scheduler classes directly. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 16 minutes ago master
  2. 20bfacf [X86][CLMUL] Fix/add missing itinerary tags to (V)PCLMULQDQ instructions by Simon Pilgrim · 17 minutes ago
  3. 4a0d8d3 [X86] Use the default AES scheduler classes directly. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 35 minutes ago
  4. 213a51d Add vendor specific calling convention to DWARF by Jonas Devlieghere · 89 minutes ago
  5. efac2a8 [llvm-mca] Simplify (and better standardize) the Instruction interface. by Andrea Di Biagio · 2 hours ago
  6. 3f00e08 [CloneFunction] Preserve DT in DuplicateInstructionsInSplitBetween. by Florian Hahn · 2 hours ago
  7. 7abb456 Revert "[test] Add tests for llc passes pipelines." by Jonas Devlieghere · 3 hours ago
  8. 280f00a [llvm-mca] Simplify code. NFC by Andrea Di Biagio · 4 hours ago
  9. b0f8e69 [TableGen] Use empty emplace_back to add defaulted constructed objects to vectors to avoid using resize(size()+1). NFC by Craig Topper · 8 hours ago
  10. d74de62 [TableGen] Add a non-default constructor to CodeGenSchedClass and use it via emplace_back to create new SchedClasses instead of using resize(size+1) by Craig Topper · 8 hours ago
  11. dc3f0cc [X86] Remove unused SchedWriteRes classes. NFC by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  12. b0f0b5e [X86][Skylake] Merge multiple InstrRW entries that map to the same SchedWriteRes group (NFCI) (PR35955) by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  13. b360e56 [DIA] Add IPDBSectionContrib interfaces and DIA implementation by Aaron Smith · 10 hours ago
  14. fcd7af4 [PDB] Get more DIA table enumerators by Aaron Smith · 10 hours ago
  15. 164c112 vim: add `dso_local` and `dso_preemptable` keywords by Saleem Abdulrasool · 14 hours ago
  16. 35ba77d [test] Try to unbreak hexagon bots after r328160. by Michael Zolotukhin · 15 hours ago
  17. 283527b Fix a couple of layering violations in Transforms by David Blaikie · 15 hours ago
  18. 06b0783 [InstrProf] Encapsulates access to AddrToMD5Map. by Mircea Trofin · 15 hours ago
  19. 1ea77ad [PDB] Don't ignore bucket 0 when writing the PDB string table. by Zachary Turner · 15 hours ago
  20. 05d039d [test] Add tests for opt passes pipelines for O0, O2, O3, and Os. by Michael Zolotukhin · 16 hours ago