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  1. d20e6c6 [DebugInfo] Remove some users of DBG_VALUEs IsIndirect field by Jeremy Morse · 10 minutes ago master
  2. 952c6f1 [llvm-locstats] Fix 'only params' no entry value stats by Djordje Todorovic · 44 minutes ago
  3. bc20418 [MIPS GlobalISel] Add MSA registers to fprb. Select vector load, store by Petar Avramovic · 86 minutes ago
  4. b01616e Change Comments SmallVector to std::vector in DebugLocStream [NFC] by David Stenberg · 2 hours ago
  5. 3d3a39d [MIPS GlobalISel] Refactor MipsRegisterBankInfo [NFC] by Petar Avramovic · 2 hours ago
  6. 2413824 [LLDB] [Windows] Initial support for ARM64 register contexts by Martin Storsjo · 2 hours ago
  7. 551211d [Demangle] Add a few more options to the microsoft demangler by Martin Storsjo · 2 hours ago
  8. aadc688 [X86] Don't check for VBROADCAST_LOAD being a user of the source of a VBROADCAST when trying to share broadcasts. by Craig Topper · 5 hours ago
  9. 75cbca0 Revert [SROA] Reuse existing lifetime markers if possible by David L. Jones · 6 hours ago
  10. eee3ea1 [RISCV] Support fast calling convention by Shiva Chen · 9 hours ago
  11. 60c2497 [WebAssembly] Trapping fptoint builtins and intrinsics by Thomas Lively · 10 hours ago
  12. 8203850 Revert [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select by Sanjay Patel · 11 hours ago
  13. caaecec [MemorySSA] Update for partial unswitch. by Alina Sbirlea · 11 hours ago
  14. c7464a4 [X86] Teach X86MCodeEmitter to properly encode zmm16-zmm31 as index register to vgatherpf/vscatterpf. by Craig Topper · 11 hours ago
  15. d74926b [X86] Add encoding tests for avx512pf vgatherpf/vscatterpf instructions. by Craig Topper · 11 hours ago
  16. dc141ad [lit] Add argument check: --timeout must be non-negative integer by Julian Lettner · 11 hours ago
  17. 9a694d9 Revert "Dead Virtual Function Elimination" by Jorge Gorbe Moya · 12 hours ago
  18. 82f983e In the new pass manager use PTO.LoopUnrolling to determine when and how by Eric Christopher · 12 hours ago
  19. dc1d7ac [Tests] Add a SCEV analysis test for llvm.widenable.condition by Philip Reames · 12 hours ago
  20. d627819 [ARM][AsmParser] handles offset expression in parentheses by Jian Cai · 13 hours ago