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; RUN: llc -mtriple x86_64-linux -mcpu core2 -verify-machineinstrs %s -o - | FileCheck %s
define i32 @f(i1 %foo, i16* %tm_year2, i8* %bar, i16 %zed, i32 %zed2) {
br i1 %foo, label %return, label %if.end
%rem = srem i32 %zed2, 100
%conv3 = trunc i32 %rem to i16
store i16 %conv3, i16* %tm_year2
%sext = shl i32 %rem, 16
%conv5 = ashr exact i32 %sext, 16
%div = sdiv i32 %conv5, 10
%conv6 = trunc i32 %div to i8
store i8 %conv6, i8* %bar
br label %return
%retval.0 = phi i32 [ 0, %if.end ], [ -1, %entry ]
ret i32 %retval.0
; We were miscompiling this and using %ax instead of %cx in the movw.
; CHECK: movswl %cx, %ecx
; CHECK: movw %cx, (%rsi)
; CHECK: movslq %ecx, %rcx