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;;===-- X86CompilationCallback_Win64.asm - Implement Win64 JIT callback ---===
;; The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
;; This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
;; License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
;; This file implements the JIT interfaces for the X86 target.
extrn X86CompilationCallback2: PROC
X86CompilationCallback proc
push rbp
; Save RSP.
mov rbp, rsp
; Save all int arg registers
; WARNING: We cannot use register spill area - we're generating stubs by hands!
push rcx
push rdx
push r8
push r9
; Align stack on 16-byte boundary.
and rsp, -16
; Save all XMM arg registers. Also allocate reg spill area.
sub rsp, 96
movaps [rsp +32], xmm0
movaps [rsp+16+32], xmm1
movaps [rsp+32+32], xmm2
movaps [rsp+48+32], xmm3
; JIT callee
; Pass prev frame and return address.
mov rcx, rbp
mov rdx, qword ptr [rbp+8]
call X86CompilationCallback2
; Restore all XMM arg registers.
movaps xmm3, [rsp+48+32]
movaps xmm2, [rsp+32+32]
movaps xmm1, [rsp+16+32]
movaps xmm0, [rsp +32]
; Restore RSP.
mov rsp, rbp
; Restore all int arg registers
sub rsp, 32
pop r9
pop r8
pop rdx
pop rcx
; Restore RBP.
pop rbp
X86CompilationCallback endp