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* Writing out ELF files is close to working but the following needs to
be examined more closely:
- Relocations use 2-byte / 4-byte to terminology in reference to
the size of the immediate value being changed. The Xilinx
terminology seems to be (???) 4-byte / 8-byte in reference
to the number of bytes of instructions that are being changed.
* Code generation seems to work relatively well now but the following
needs to be examined more closely:
- The stack layout needs to be examined to make sure it meets
the standard, especially in regards to var arg functions.
- Look at the stuff and make use of it
if appropriate.
* A basic assembly parser is present now and seems to parse most things.
There are a few things that need to be looked at:
- There are some instructions that are not generated by the backend
and have not been tested as far as the parser is concerned.
- The assembly parser does not use many MicroBlaze specific directives.
I should investigate if there are MicroBlaze specific directive and,
if there are, add them.