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//===-- - Describe the ARM Target Machine -----------*- tablegen -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Target-independent interfaces which we are implementing
include "llvm/Target/"
// ARM Subtarget state.
def ModeThumb : SubtargetFeature<"thumb-mode", "InThumbMode", "true",
"Thumb mode">;
// ARM Subtarget features.
def FeatureVFP2 : SubtargetFeature<"vfp2", "HasVFPv2", "true",
"Enable VFP2 instructions">;
def FeatureVFP3 : SubtargetFeature<"vfp3", "HasVFPv3", "true",
"Enable VFP3 instructions",
def FeatureVFP4 : SubtargetFeature<"vfp4", "HasVFPv4", "true",
"Enable VFP4 instructions",
def FeatureNEON : SubtargetFeature<"neon", "HasNEON", "true",
"Enable NEON instructions",
def FeatureThumb2 : SubtargetFeature<"thumb2", "HasThumb2", "true",
"Enable Thumb2 instructions">;
def FeatureNoARM : SubtargetFeature<"noarm", "NoARM", "true",
"Does not support ARM mode execution">;
def FeatureFP16 : SubtargetFeature<"fp16", "HasFP16", "true",
"Enable half-precision floating point">;
def FeatureD16 : SubtargetFeature<"d16", "HasD16", "true",
"Restrict VFP3 to 16 double registers">;
def FeatureHWDiv : SubtargetFeature<"hwdiv", "HasHardwareDivide", "true",
"Enable divide instructions">;
def FeatureT2XtPk : SubtargetFeature<"t2xtpk", "HasT2ExtractPack", "true",
"Enable Thumb2 extract and pack instructions">;
def FeatureDB : SubtargetFeature<"db", "HasDataBarrier", "true",
"Has data barrier (dmb / dsb) instructions">;
def FeatureSlowFPBrcc : SubtargetFeature<"slow-fp-brcc", "SlowFPBrcc", "true",
"FP compare + branch is slow">;
def FeatureVFPOnlySP : SubtargetFeature<"fp-only-sp", "FPOnlySP", "true",
"Floating point unit supports single precision only">;
// Some processors have FP multiply-accumulate instructions that don't
// play nicely with other VFP / NEON instructions, and it's generally better
// to just not use them.
def FeatureHasSlowFPVMLx : SubtargetFeature<"slowfpvmlx", "SlowFPVMLx", "true",
"Disable VFP / NEON MAC instructions">;
// Cortex-A8 / A9 Advanced SIMD has multiplier accumulator forwarding.
def FeatureVMLxForwarding : SubtargetFeature<"vmlx-forwarding",
"HasVMLxForwarding", "true",
"Has multiplier accumulator forwarding">;
// Some processors benefit from using NEON instructions for scalar
// single-precision FP operations.
def FeatureNEONForFP : SubtargetFeature<"neonfp", "UseNEONForSinglePrecisionFP",
"Use NEON for single precision FP">;
// Disable 32-bit to 16-bit narrowing for experimentation.
def FeaturePref32BitThumb : SubtargetFeature<"32bit", "Pref32BitThumb", "true",
"Prefer 32-bit Thumb instrs">;
/// Some instructions update CPSR partially, which can add false dependency for
/// out-of-order implementation, e.g. Cortex-A9, unless each individual bit is
/// mapped to a separate physical register. Avoid partial CPSR update for these
/// processors.
def FeatureAvoidPartialCPSR : SubtargetFeature<"avoid-partial-cpsr",
"AvoidCPSRPartialUpdate", "true",
"Avoid CPSR partial update for OOO execution">;
// Some processors perform return stack prediction. CodeGen should avoid issue
// "normal" call instructions to callees which do not return.
def FeatureHasRAS : SubtargetFeature<"ras", "HasRAS", "true",
"Has return address stack">;
/// Some M architectures don't have the DSP extension (v7E-M vs. v7M)
def FeatureDSPThumb2 : SubtargetFeature<"t2dsp", "Thumb2DSP", "true",
"Supports v7 DSP instructions in Thumb2">;
// Multiprocessing extension.
def FeatureMP : SubtargetFeature<"mp", "HasMPExtension", "true",
"Supports Multiprocessing extension">;
// M-series ISA?
def FeatureMClass : SubtargetFeature<"mclass", "IsMClass", "true",
"Is microcontroller profile ('M' series)">;
// ARM ISAs.
def HasV4TOps : SubtargetFeature<"v4t", "HasV4TOps", "true",
"Support ARM v4T instructions">;
def HasV5TOps : SubtargetFeature<"v5t", "HasV5TOps", "true",
"Support ARM v5T instructions",
def HasV5TEOps : SubtargetFeature<"v5te", "HasV5TEOps", "true",
"Support ARM v5TE, v5TEj, and v5TExp instructions",
def HasV6Ops : SubtargetFeature<"v6", "HasV6Ops", "true",
"Support ARM v6 instructions",
def HasV6T2Ops : SubtargetFeature<"v6t2", "HasV6T2Ops", "true",
"Support ARM v6t2 instructions",
[HasV6Ops, FeatureThumb2]>;
def HasV7Ops : SubtargetFeature<"v7", "HasV7Ops", "true",
"Support ARM v7 instructions",
// ARM Processors supported.
include ""
// ARM processor families.
def ProcA8 : SubtargetFeature<"a8", "ARMProcFamily", "CortexA8",
"Cortex-A8 ARM processors",
[FeatureSlowFPBrcc, FeatureNEONForFP,
FeatureHasSlowFPVMLx, FeatureVMLxForwarding,
def ProcA9 : SubtargetFeature<"a9", "ARMProcFamily", "CortexA9",
"Cortex-A9 ARM processors",
FeatureT2XtPk, FeatureFP16,
class ProcNoItin<string Name, list<SubtargetFeature> Features>
: Processor<Name, GenericItineraries, Features>;
// V4 Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"generic", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm8", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm810", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"strongarm", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"strongarm110", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"strongarm1100", []>;
def : ProcNoItin<"strongarm1110", []>;
// V4T Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"arm7tdmi", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm7tdmi-s", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm710t", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm720t", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm9", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm9tdmi", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm920", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm920t", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm922t", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm940t", [HasV4TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"ep9312", [HasV4TOps]>;
// V5T Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"arm10tdmi", [HasV5TOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm1020t", [HasV5TOps]>;
// V5TE Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"arm9e", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm926ej-s", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm946e-s", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm966e-s", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm968e-s", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm10e", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm1020e", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm1022e", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"xscale", [HasV5TEOps]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"iwmmxt", [HasV5TEOps]>;
// V6 Processors.
def : Processor<"arm1136j-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops]>;
def : Processor<"arm1136jf-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops, FeatureVFP2,
def : Processor<"arm1176jz-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops]>;
def : Processor<"arm1176jzf-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops, FeatureVFP2,
def : Processor<"mpcorenovfp", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops]>;
def : Processor<"mpcore", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops, FeatureVFP2,
// V6M Processors.
def : Processor<"cortex-m0", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6Ops, FeatureNoARM,
FeatureDB, FeatureMClass]>;
// V6T2 Processors.
def : Processor<"arm1156t2-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6T2Ops,
def : Processor<"arm1156t2f-s", ARMV6Itineraries, [HasV6T2Ops, FeatureVFP2,
// V7a Processors.
def : Processor<"cortex-a8", CortexA8Itineraries,
[ProcA8, HasV7Ops, FeatureNEON, FeatureDB,
FeatureDSPThumb2, FeatureHasRAS]>;
def : Processor<"cortex-a9", CortexA9Itineraries,
[ProcA9, HasV7Ops, FeatureNEON, FeatureDB,
FeatureDSPThumb2, FeatureHasRAS]>;
def : Processor<"cortex-a9-mp", CortexA9Itineraries,
[ProcA9, HasV7Ops, FeatureNEON, FeatureDB,
FeatureDSPThumb2, FeatureMP,
// V7M Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"cortex-m3", [HasV7Ops,
FeatureThumb2, FeatureNoARM, FeatureDB,
FeatureHWDiv, FeatureMClass]>;
// V7EM Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"cortex-m4", [HasV7Ops,
FeatureThumb2, FeatureNoARM, FeatureDB,
FeatureHWDiv, FeatureDSPThumb2,
FeatureT2XtPk, FeatureVFP2,
FeatureVFPOnlySP, FeatureMClass]>;
// Register File Description
include ""
include ""
// Instruction Descriptions
include ""
def ARMInstrInfo : InstrInfo;
// Assembly printer
// ARM Uses the MC printer for asm output, so make sure the TableGen
// AsmWriter bits get associated with the correct class.
def ARMAsmWriter : AsmWriter {
string AsmWriterClassName = "InstPrinter";
bit isMCAsmWriter = 1;
// Declare the target which we are implementing
def ARM : Target {
// Pull in Instruction Info:
let InstructionSet = ARMInstrInfo;
let AssemblyWriters = [ARMAsmWriter];