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(* RUN: %ocamlopt -warn-error A unix.cmxa llvm.cmxa llvm_bitwriter.cmxa %s -o %t
* RUN: %t %t.bc
* RUN: llvm-dis < %t.bc | grep caml_int_ty
* XFAIL: vg_leak
(* Note that this takes a moment to link, so it's best to keep the number of
individual tests low. *)
let context = Llvm.global_context ()
let test x = if not x then exit 1 else ()
let read_file name =
let ic = open_in_bin name in
let len = in_channel_length ic in
let buf = String.create len in
test ((input ic buf 0 len) = len);
close_in ic;
let temp_bitcode ?unbuffered m =
let temp_name, temp_oc = Filename.open_temp_file ~mode:[Open_binary] "" "" in
test (Llvm_bitwriter.output_bitcode ?unbuffered temp_oc m);
flush temp_oc;
let temp_buf = read_file temp_name in
close_out temp_oc;
let _ =
let m = Llvm.create_module context "ocaml_test_module" in
ignore (Llvm.define_type_name "caml_int_ty" (Llvm.i32_type context) m);
test (Llvm_bitwriter.write_bitcode_file m Sys.argv.(1));
let file_buf = read_file Sys.argv.(1) in
test (file_buf = temp_bitcode m);
test (file_buf = temp_bitcode ~unbuffered:false m);
test (file_buf = temp_bitcode ~unbuffered:true m)