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//===-- - X86 Scheduling Predicates --*- tablegen -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines scheduling predicate definitions that are common to
// all X86 subtargets.
// A predicate used to identify dependency-breaking instructions that clear the
// content of the destination register. Note that this predicate only checks if
// input registers are the same. This predicate doesn't make any assumptions on
// the expected instruction opcodes, because different processors may implement
// different zero-idioms.
def ZeroIdiomPredicate : CheckSameRegOperand<1, 2>;
// A predicate used to identify VPERM that have bits 3 and 7 of their mask set.
// On some processors, these VPERM instructions are zero-idioms.
def ZeroIdiomVPERMPredicate : CheckAll<[
CheckImmOperand<3, 0x88>
// A predicate used to check if a LEA instruction uses all three source
// operands: base, index, and offset.
def IsThreeOperandsLEAPredicate: CheckAll<[
// isRegOperand(Base)
// isRegOperand(Index)
// hasLEAOffset(Offset)
def LEACases : MCOpcodeSwitchCase<
[LEA32r, LEA64r, LEA64_32r, LEA16r],
// Used to generate the body of a TII member function.
def IsThreeOperandsLEABody :
MCOpcodeSwitchStatement<[LEACases], MCReturnStatement<FalsePred>>;
// This predicate evaluates to true only if the input machine instruction is a
// 3-operands LEA. Tablegen automatically generates a new method for it in
// X86GenInstrInfo.
def IsThreeOperandsLEAFn :
TIIPredicate<"isThreeOperandsLEA", IsThreeOperandsLEABody>;
// A predicate to check for COND_A and COND_BE CMOVs which have an extra uop
// on recent Intel CPUs.
def IsCMOVArr_Or_CMOVBErr : CheckAny<[
CheckImmOperand_s<3, "X86::COND_A">,
CheckImmOperand_s<3, "X86::COND_BE">
def IsCMOVArm_Or_CMOVBErm : CheckAny<[
CheckImmOperand_s<7, "X86::COND_A">,
CheckImmOperand_s<7, "X86::COND_BE">
// A predicate to check for COND_A and COND_BE SETCCs which have an extra uop
// on recent Intel CPUs.
def IsSETAr_Or_SETBEr : CheckAny<[
CheckImmOperand_s<1, "X86::COND_A">,
CheckImmOperand_s<1, "X86::COND_BE">
def IsSETAm_Or_SETBEm : CheckAny<[
CheckImmOperand_s<5, "X86::COND_A">,
CheckImmOperand_s<5, "X86::COND_BE">