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# RUN: llc -mtriple aarch64-- -run-pass irtranslator -simplify-mir %s -o %t \
# RUN: -verify-machineinstrs; llc -mtriple aarch64-- -run-pass legalizer \
# RUN: -simplify-mir %t -x mir -o - -verify-machineinstrs | FileCheck %s
# Test that MIRParser is able to deserialize back MIR MIRPrinter serialized,
# specifically overloaded intrinsic names in this case which aren't required
# to encode all the concrete arg types in the name at MIR level.
--- |
define i32 @int_aarch64_sdiv(i32 %a, i32 %b) nounwind readnone ssp {
; CHECK-LABEL: name: int_aarch64_sdiv
; CHECK: liveins: $w0, $w1
; CHECK: [[COPY:%[0-9]+]]:_(s32) = COPY $w0
; CHECK: [[COPY1:%[0-9]+]]:_(s32) = COPY $w1
; CHECK: [[INT:%[0-9]+]]:_(s32) = G_INTRINSIC intrinsic(@llvm.aarch64.sdiv), [[COPY]](s32), [[COPY1]](s32)
; CHECK: $w0 = COPY [[INT]](s32)
; CHECK: RET_ReallyLR implicit $w0
%sdiv = call i32 @llvm.aarch64.sdiv.i32(i32 %a, i32 %b)
ret i32 %sdiv
declare i32 @llvm.aarch64.sdiv.i32(i32, i32) nounwind readnone