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llvm-objdump - LLVM's object file dumper
:program:`llvm-objdump` [*commands*] [*options*] [*filenames...*]
The :program:`llvm-objdump` utility prints the contents of object files and
final linked images named on the command line. If no file name is specified,
:program:`llvm-objdump` will attempt to read from *a.out*. If *-* is used as a
file name, :program:`llvm-objdump` will process a file on its standard input
At least one of the following commands are required, and some commands can be combined with other commands:
.. option:: -disassemble
Display assembler mnemonics for the machine instructions
.. option:: -help
Display usage information and exit. Does not stack with other commands.
.. option:: -r
Display the relocation entries in the file.
.. option:: -s
Display the content of each section.
.. option:: -section-headers
Display summaries of the headers for each section.
.. option:: -t
Display the symbol table.
.. option:: -version
Display the version of this program. Does not stack with other commands.
:program:`llvm-objdump` supports the following options:
.. option:: -arch=<architecture>
Specify the architecture to disassemble. see -version for available
.. option:: -cfg
Create a CFG for every symbol in the object file and write it to a graphviz
file (Mach-O-only).
.. option:: -dsym=<string>
Use .dSYM file for debug info.
.. option:: -g
Print line information from debug info if available.
.. option:: -macho
Use Mach-O specific object file parser.
.. option:: -mattr=<a1,+a2,-a3,...>
Target specific attributes.
.. option:: -mc-x86-disable-arith-relaxation
Disable relaxation of arithmetic instruction for X86.
.. option:: -stats
Enable statistics output from program.
.. option:: -triple=<string>
Target triple to disassemble for, see -version for available targets.
.. option:: -x86-asm-syntax=<style>
When used with the ``-disassemble`` option, choose style of code to emit from
X86 backend. Supported values are:
.. option:: att
AT&T-style assembly
.. option:: intel
Intel-style assembly
The default disassembly style is **att**.
To report bugs, please visit <>.