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; RUN: opt < %s -S -place-safepoints | FileCheck %s
declare void @llvm.localescape(...)
; Do we insert the entry safepoint after the localescape intrinsic?
define void @parent() gc "statepoint-example" {
; CHECK-LABEL: @parent
; CHECK-LABEL: entry
; CHECK-NEXT: alloca
; CHECK-NEXT: localescape
; CHECK-NEXT: call void @do_safepoint
%ptr = alloca i32
call void (...) @llvm.localescape(i32* %ptr)
ret void
; This function is inlined when inserting a poll. To avoid recursive
; issues, make sure we don't place safepoints in it.
declare void @do_safepoint()
define void @gc.safepoint_poll() {
; CHECK-LABEL: gc.safepoint_poll
; CHECK-LABEL: entry
; CHECK-NEXT: do_safepoint
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
call void @do_safepoint()
ret void