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; RUN: opt < %s -lowerinvoke -S | FileCheck %s
; RUN: opt < %s -passes='lowerinvoke' -S | FileCheck %s
declare i32 @external_func(i64 %arg)
define i32 @invoke_test(i64 %arg) personality i8* null {
%result = invoke fastcc i32 @external_func(i64 inreg %arg)
to label %cont unwind label %lpad
ret i32 %result
%phi = phi i32 [ 99, %entry ]
%lp = landingpad { i8*, i32 } cleanup
ret i32 %phi
; The "invoke" should be converted to a "call".
; CHECK-LABEL: define i32 @invoke_test
; CHECK: %result = call fastcc i32 @external_func(i64 inreg %arg)
; CHECK-NEXT: br label %cont
; Note that this pass does not remove dead landingpad blocks.
; CHECK: lpad:
; CHECK-NOT: phi
; CHECK: landingpad