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; RUN: opt -called-value-propagation -S < %s | FileCheck %s
target triple = "aarch64-unknown-linux-gnueabi"
@global_function = internal unnamed_addr global void ()* null, align 8
@global_scalar = internal unnamed_addr global i64 zeroinitializer
; This test checks that we propagate the functions through a select
; instruction, and attach !callees metadata to the call. Such metadata can
; enable optimizations of this code sequence.
; For example, since both of the targeted functions have the "norecurse"
; attribute, the function attributes pass can be made to infer that
; "@test_select" is also norecurse. This would allow the globals optimizer to
; localize "@global_scalar". The function could then be further simplified to
; always return the constant "1", eliminating the load and store instructions.
; CHECK: call void %tmp0(), !callees ![[MD:[0-9]+]]
; CHECK: ![[MD]] = !{void ()* @norecurse_1, void ()* @norecurse_2}
define i64 @test_select_entry(i1 %flag) {
%tmp0 = call i64 @test_select(i1 %flag)
ret i64 %tmp0
define internal i64 @test_select(i1 %flag) {
%tmp0 = select i1 %flag, void ()* @norecurse_1, void ()* @norecurse_2
store i64 1, i64* @global_scalar
call void %tmp0()
%tmp1 = load i64, i64* @global_scalar
ret i64 %tmp1
declare void @norecurse_1() #0
declare void @norecurse_2() #0
attributes #0 = { norecurse }