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# RUN: llc -march=hexagon -run-pass if-converter %s -o - | FileCheck %s
# Make sure that the necessary implicit uses are added to predicated
# instructions.
# CHECK-LABEL: name: foo
--- |
define void @foo() {
ret void
name: foo
tracksRegLiveness: true
body: |
successors: %bb.1, %bb.2
liveins: $r0, $r2, $p1
J2_jumpf $p1, %bb.1, implicit-def $pc
J2_jump %bb.2, implicit-def $pc
successors: %bb.3
liveins: $r2
$r0 = A2_tfrsi 2
J2_jump %bb.3, implicit-def $pc
successors: %bb.3
liveins: $r0
; Even though r2 was not live on entry to this block, it was live across
; block bb.1 in the original diamond. After if-conversion, the diamond
; became a single block, and so r2 is now live on entry to the instructions
; originating from bb.2.
; CHECK: $r2 = C2_cmoveit $p1, 1, implicit killed $r2
$r2 = A2_tfrsi 1
liveins: $r0, $r2
$r0 = A2_add $r0, $r2
J2_jumpr $r31, implicit-def $pc