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//===-- X86TargetInfo.cpp - X86 Target Implementation ---------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "MCTargetDesc/X86MCTargetDesc.h"
#include "llvm/Support/TargetRegistry.h"
using namespace llvm;
Target &llvm::getTheX86_32Target() {
static Target TheX86_32Target;
return TheX86_32Target;
Target &llvm::getTheX86_64Target() {
static Target TheX86_64Target;
return TheX86_64Target;
extern "C" void LLVMInitializeX86TargetInfo() {
RegisterTarget<Triple::x86, /*HasJIT=*/true> X(
getTheX86_32Target(), "x86", "32-bit X86: Pentium-Pro and above", "X86");
RegisterTarget<Triple::x86_64, /*HasJIT=*/true> Y(
getTheX86_64Target(), "x86-64", "64-bit X86: EM64T and AMD64", "X86");