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/// Attribute base class.
class Attr<string S> {
// String representation of this attribute in the IR.
string AttrString = S;
/// Enum attribute.
class EnumAttr<string S> : Attr<S>;
/// StringBool attribute.
class StrBoolAttr<string S> : Attr<S>;
/// Target-independent enum attributes.
/// Alignment of parameter (5 bits) stored as log2 of alignment with +1 bias.
/// 0 means unaligned (different from align(1)).
def Alignment : EnumAttr<"align">;
/// The result of the function is guaranteed to point to a number of bytes that
/// we can determine if we know the value of the function's arguments.
def AllocSize : EnumAttr<"allocsize">;
/// inline=always.
def AlwaysInline : EnumAttr<"alwaysinline">;
/// Function can access memory only using pointers based on its arguments.
def ArgMemOnly : EnumAttr<"argmemonly">;
/// Callee is recognized as a builtin, despite nobuiltin attribute on its
/// declaration.
def Builtin : EnumAttr<"builtin">;
/// Pass structure by value.
def ByVal : EnumAttr<"byval">;
/// Marks function as being in a cold path.
def Cold : EnumAttr<"cold">;
/// Can only be moved to control-equivalent blocks.
def Convergent : EnumAttr<"convergent">;
/// Pointer is known to be dereferenceable.
def Dereferenceable : EnumAttr<"dereferenceable">;
/// Pointer is either null or dereferenceable.
def DereferenceableOrNull : EnumAttr<"dereferenceable_or_null">;
/// Function may only access memory that is inaccessible from IR.
def InaccessibleMemOnly : EnumAttr<"inaccessiblememonly">;
/// Function may only access memory that is either inaccessible from the IR,
/// or pointed to by its pointer arguments.
def InaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly : EnumAttr<"inaccessiblemem_or_argmemonly">;
/// Pass structure in an alloca.
def InAlloca : EnumAttr<"inalloca">;
/// Source said inlining was desirable.
def InlineHint : EnumAttr<"inlinehint">;
/// Force argument to be passed in register.
def InReg : EnumAttr<"inreg">;
/// Build jump-instruction tables and replace refs.
def JumpTable : EnumAttr<"jumptable">;
/// Function must be optimized for size first.
def MinSize : EnumAttr<"minsize">;
/// Naked function.
def Naked : EnumAttr<"naked">;
/// Nested function static chain.
def Nest : EnumAttr<"nest">;
/// Considered to not alias after call.
def NoAlias : EnumAttr<"noalias">;
/// Callee isn't recognized as a builtin.
def NoBuiltin : EnumAttr<"nobuiltin">;
/// Function creates no aliases of pointer.
def NoCapture : EnumAttr<"nocapture">;
/// Call cannot be duplicated.
def NoDuplicate : EnumAttr<"noduplicate">;
/// Disable implicit floating point insts.
def NoImplicitFloat : EnumAttr<"noimplicitfloat">;
/// inline=never.
def NoInline : EnumAttr<"noinline">;
/// Function is called early and/or often, so lazy binding isn't worthwhile.
def NonLazyBind : EnumAttr<"nonlazybind">;
/// Pointer is known to be not null.
def NonNull : EnumAttr<"nonnull">;
/// The function does not recurse.
def NoRecurse : EnumAttr<"norecurse">;
/// Disable redzone.
def NoRedZone : EnumAttr<"noredzone">;
/// Mark the function as not returning.
def NoReturn : EnumAttr<"noreturn">;
/// Disable Indirect Branch Tracking.
def NoCfCheck : EnumAttr<"nocf_check">;
/// Function doesn't unwind stack.
def NoUnwind : EnumAttr<"nounwind">;
/// Select optimizations for best fuzzing signal.
def OptForFuzzing : EnumAttr<"optforfuzzing">;
/// opt_size.
def OptimizeForSize : EnumAttr<"optsize">;
/// Function must not be optimized.
def OptimizeNone : EnumAttr<"optnone">;
/// Function does not access memory.
def ReadNone : EnumAttr<"readnone">;
/// Function only reads from memory.
def ReadOnly : EnumAttr<"readonly">;
/// Return value is always equal to this argument.
def Returned : EnumAttr<"returned">;
/// Function can return twice.
def ReturnsTwice : EnumAttr<"returns_twice">;
/// Safe Stack protection.
def SafeStack : EnumAttr<"safestack">;
/// Shadow Call Stack protection.
def ShadowCallStack : EnumAttr<"shadowcallstack">;
/// Sign extended before/after call.
def SExt : EnumAttr<"signext">;
/// Alignment of stack for function (3 bits) stored as log2 of alignment with
/// +1 bias 0 means unaligned (different from alignstack=(1)).
def StackAlignment : EnumAttr<"alignstack">;
/// Function can be speculated.
def Speculatable : EnumAttr<"speculatable">;
/// Stack protection.
def StackProtect : EnumAttr<"ssp">;
/// Stack protection required.
def StackProtectReq : EnumAttr<"sspreq">;
/// Strong Stack protection.
def StackProtectStrong : EnumAttr<"sspstrong">;
/// Function was called in a scope requiring strict floating point semantics.
def StrictFP : EnumAttr<"strictfp">;
/// Hidden pointer to structure to return.
def StructRet : EnumAttr<"sret">;
/// AddressSanitizer is on.
def SanitizeAddress : EnumAttr<"sanitize_address">;
/// ThreadSanitizer is on.
def SanitizeThread : EnumAttr<"sanitize_thread">;
/// MemorySanitizer is on.
def SanitizeMemory : EnumAttr<"sanitize_memory">;
/// HWAddressSanitizer is on.
def SanitizeHWAddress : EnumAttr<"sanitize_hwaddress">;
/// Speculative Load Hardening is enabled.
/// Note that this uses the default compatibility (always compatible during
/// inlining) and a conservative merge strategy where inlining an attributed
/// body will add the attribute to the caller. This ensures that code carrying
/// this attribute will always be lowered with hardening enabled.
def SpeculativeLoadHardening : EnumAttr<"speculative_load_hardening">;
/// Argument is swift error.
def SwiftError : EnumAttr<"swifterror">;
/// Argument is swift self/context.
def SwiftSelf : EnumAttr<"swiftself">;
/// Function must be in a unwind table.
def UWTable : EnumAttr<"uwtable">;
/// Function only writes to memory.
def WriteOnly : EnumAttr<"writeonly">;
/// Zero extended before/after call.
def ZExt : EnumAttr<"zeroext">;
/// Target-independent string attributes.
def LessPreciseFPMAD : StrBoolAttr<"less-precise-fpmad">;
def NoInfsFPMath : StrBoolAttr<"no-infs-fp-math">;
def NoNansFPMath : StrBoolAttr<"no-nans-fp-math">;
def UnsafeFPMath : StrBoolAttr<"unsafe-fp-math">;
def NoJumpTables : StrBoolAttr<"no-jump-tables">;
def ProfileSampleAccurate : StrBoolAttr<"profile-sample-accurate">;
class CompatRule<string F> {
// The name of the function called to check the attribute of the caller and
// callee and decide whether inlining should be allowed. The function's
// signature must match "bool(const Function&, const Function &)", where the
// first parameter is the reference to the caller and the second parameter is
// the reference to the callee. It must return false if the attributes of the
// caller and callee are incompatible, and true otherwise.
string CompatFunc = F;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<SanitizeAddressAttr>">;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<SanitizeThreadAttr>">;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<SanitizeMemoryAttr>">;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<SanitizeHWAddressAttr>">;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<SafeStackAttr>">;
def : CompatRule<"isEqual<ShadowCallStackAttr>">;
class MergeRule<string F> {
// The name of the function called to merge the attributes of the caller and
// callee. The function's signature must match
// "void(Function&, const Function &)", where the first parameter is the
// reference to the caller and the second parameter is the reference to the
// callee.
string MergeFunc = F;
def : MergeRule<"setAND<LessPreciseFPMADAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setAND<NoInfsFPMathAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setAND<NoNansFPMathAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setAND<UnsafeFPMathAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setOR<NoImplicitFloatAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setOR<NoJumpTablesAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setOR<ProfileSampleAccurateAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"setOR<SpeculativeLoadHardeningAttr>">;
def : MergeRule<"adjustCallerSSPLevel">;
def : MergeRule<"adjustCallerStackProbes">;
def : MergeRule<"adjustCallerStackProbeSize">;
def : MergeRule<"adjustMinLegalVectorWidth">;
def : MergeRule<"adjustNullPointerValidAttr">;