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; RUN: opt < %s -inline -reassociate -S | FileCheck %s
; This test case exposed a bug in reassociate where EraseInst's
; removal of a dead call wasn't recognized as changing the IR.
; So when runOnFunction propagated the "made changes" upwards
; to the CallGraphSCCPass it signalled that no changes had been
; made, so CallGraphSCCPass assumed that the old CallGraph,
; as known by that pass manager, still was up-to-date.
; This was detected as an assert when trying to remove the
; no longer used function 'bar' (due to incorrect reference
; count in the CallGraph).
define void @foo() {
; CHECK-LABEL: @foo(
; CHECK-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
call void @bar()
ret void
define internal void @bar() noinline nounwind readnone {
; CHECK-NOT: bar
ret void