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//===- MCAsmMacro.h - Assembly Macros ---------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "llvm/ADT/APInt.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Debug.h"
#include "llvm/Support/SMLoc.h"
#include <vector>
namespace llvm {
/// Target independent representation for an assembler token.
class AsmToken {
enum TokenKind {
// Markers
Eof, Error,
// String values.
// Integer values.
BigNum, // larger than 64 bits
// Real values.
// Comments
// No-value.
Plus, Minus, Tilde,
Slash, // '/'
BackSlash, // '\'
LParen, RParen, LBrac, RBrac, LCurly, RCurly,
Star, Dot, Comma, Dollar, Equal, EqualEqual,
Pipe, PipePipe, Caret,
Amp, AmpAmp, Exclaim, ExclaimEqual, Percent, Hash,
Less, LessEqual, LessLess, LessGreater,
Greater, GreaterEqual, GreaterGreater, At, MinusGreater,
// MIPS unary expression operators such as %neg.
PercentCall16, PercentCall_Hi, PercentCall_Lo, PercentDtprel_Hi,
PercentDtprel_Lo, PercentGot, PercentGot_Disp, PercentGot_Hi, PercentGot_Lo,
PercentGot_Ofst, PercentGot_Page, PercentGottprel, PercentGp_Rel, PercentHi,
PercentHigher, PercentHighest, PercentLo, PercentNeg, PercentPcrel_Hi,
PercentPcrel_Lo, PercentTlsgd, PercentTlsldm, PercentTprel_Hi,
TokenKind Kind;
/// A reference to the entire token contents; this is always a pointer into
/// a memory buffer owned by the source manager.
StringRef Str;
APInt IntVal;
AsmToken() = default;
AsmToken(TokenKind Kind, StringRef Str, APInt IntVal)
: Kind(Kind), Str(Str), IntVal(std::move(IntVal)) {}
AsmToken(TokenKind Kind, StringRef Str, int64_t IntVal = 0)
: Kind(Kind), Str(Str), IntVal(64, IntVal, true) {}
TokenKind getKind() const { return Kind; }
bool is(TokenKind K) const { return Kind == K; }
bool isNot(TokenKind K) const { return Kind != K; }
SMLoc getLoc() const;
SMLoc getEndLoc() const;
SMRange getLocRange() const;
/// Get the contents of a string token (without quotes).
StringRef getStringContents() const {
assert(Kind == String && "This token isn't a string!");
return Str.slice(1, Str.size() - 1);
/// Get the identifier string for the current token, which should be an
/// identifier or a string. This gets the portion of the string which should
/// be used as the identifier, e.g., it does not include the quotes on
/// strings.
StringRef getIdentifier() const {
if (Kind == Identifier)
return getString();
return getStringContents();
/// Get the string for the current token, this includes all characters (for
/// example, the quotes on strings) in the token.
/// The returned StringRef points into the source manager's memory buffer, and
/// is safe to store across calls to Lex().
StringRef getString() const { return Str; }
// FIXME: Don't compute this in advance, it makes every token larger, and is
// also not generally what we want (it is nicer for recovery etc. to lex 123br
// as a single token, then diagnose as an invalid number).
int64_t getIntVal() const {
assert(Kind == Integer && "This token isn't an integer!");
return IntVal.getZExtValue();
APInt getAPIntVal() const {
assert((Kind == Integer || Kind == BigNum) &&
"This token isn't an integer!");
return IntVal;
void dump(raw_ostream &OS) const;
void dump() const { dump(dbgs()); }
struct MCAsmMacroParameter {
StringRef Name;
std::vector<AsmToken> Value;
bool Required = false;
bool Vararg = false;
MCAsmMacroParameter() = default;
void dump() const { dump(dbgs()); }
void dump(raw_ostream &OS) const;
typedef std::vector<MCAsmMacroParameter> MCAsmMacroParameters;
struct MCAsmMacro {
StringRef Name;
StringRef Body;
MCAsmMacroParameters Parameters;
MCAsmMacro(StringRef N, StringRef B, MCAsmMacroParameters P)
: Name(N), Body(B), Parameters(std::move(P)) {}
void dump() const { dump(dbgs()); }
void dump(raw_ostream &OS) const;
} // namespace llvm