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This directory contains Python bindings for LLVM's C library.
The bindings are currently a work in progress and are far from complete.
Use at your own risk.
Developer Info
The single Python package is "llvm." Modules inside this package roughly
follow the names of the modules/headers defined by LLVM's C API.
All test code is location in llvm/tests. Tests are written as classes
which inherit from llvm.tests.base.TestBase, which is a convenience base
class that provides common functionality.
Tests can be executed by installing nose:
pip install nosetests
Then by running nosetests:
To see more output:
nosetests -v
To step into the Python debugger while running a test, add the following
to your test at the point you wish to enter the debugger:
import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
Then run nosetests:
nosetests -s -v
You should strive for high code coverage. To see current coverage:
pip install coverage
nosetests --with-coverage --cover-html
Then open cover/index.html in your browser of choice to see the code coverage.
Style Convention
All code should pass PyFlakes. First, install PyFlakes:
pip install pyflakes
Then at any time run it to see a report:
pyflakes .
Eventually we'll provide a Pylint config file. In the meantime, install
pip install pylint
And run:
pylint llvm
And try to keep the number of violations to a minimum.