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Ideas for things to do:
- more projects (compiler-rt libcxx libcxxabi libunwind clang-tools-extra lldb)
- phosek expressed interest in compiler-rt libcxx libcxxabi libunwind
- once there are more projects, have an llvm_enable_projects arg, modeled
after llvm_targets_to_build in the GN build
- a check-all build target that runs test of all projects
- more targets (AVR MIPS RISCV SystemZ etc)
- example:
- investigate feasibility of working `gn check`
- "optimized tblgen" mode
- either just always build tablegen and support with opt config
- or use opt toolchain and build tablegen twice in debug builds, like cmake
- cross builds using GN's toolchain feature
- one-build-dir bootstrap builds using GN's toolchain feature
- move clang_tablegen into lib/ for private files
- add dead code stripping
- move from build to tablegen folder
- figure out why -Iclang/Support gets added so often
- make LLVM_LIBXML2_ENABLED use llvm_canonicalize_cmake_boolean (cf D28294),
clean up both GN and CMake builds
- plugin() template with working rpath, exports thingers
- then port clang_build_examples and enable by default so that clang
plugin tests run by default
- plugin_host() template