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; RUN: llvm-dlltool -m i386:x86-64 --input-def %s --output-lib %t.a
; RUN: llvm-nm %t.a | FileCheck %s
LIBRARY test.dll
; When creating an import library, the DLL internal function name of
; the implementation of a function isn't visible at all.
ImpLibName = Implementation
; A different import library name and implementation name can be mixed
; with exposing it via a different name in the DLL than in code.
ImpLibName2 = Implementation2 == AltTestFunction2
; The fact that a DLL export entry is a forward to a different DLL doesn't
; matter for the import library
ImpLibName3 = kernel32.Sleep
; CHECK: U AltTestFunction
; CHECK-NEXT: W TestFunction
; CHECK: U __imp_AltTestFunction
; CHECK-NEXT: W __imp_TestFunction
; CHECK: T ImpLibName
; CHECK-NEXT: T __imp_ImpLibName
; CHECK: U AltTestFunction2
; CHECK-NEXT: W ImpLibName2
; CHECK: U __imp_AltTestFunction2
; CHECK-NEXT: W __imp_ImpLibName2
; CHECK: T ImpLibName3
; CHECK-NEXT: T __imp_ImpLibName3