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; RUN: opt -simplifycfg -S -o - < %s | FileCheck %s
; This test case was written to trigger an incorrect assert statement in
; -simplifycfg. Thus we don't actually want to check the output, just that
; -simplifycfg ran successfully. Thus we only check that the function still
; exists, and that it still calls foo().
; NOTE: There are some obviously dead blocks and missing branch weight
; metadata. Both of these features were key to triggering the assert.
; Additionally, the not-taken weight of the branch with a weight had to
; be 0 to trigger the assert.
declare void @foo() nounwind uwtable
define void @func(i32 %A) nounwind uwtable {
; CHECK-LABEL: define void @func(
%cmp11 = icmp eq i32 %A, 1
br i1 %cmp11, label %if.then, label %if.else, !prof !0
call void @foo()
; CHECK: call void @foo()
br label %if.else
%cmp17 = icmp eq i32 %A, 2
br i1 %cmp17, label %if.then2, label %if.end
br label %if.end
ret void
!0 = !{!"branch_weights", i32 1, i32 0}