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; This test checks to make sure that 'br X, Dest, Dest' is folded into
; 'br Dest'. This can only happen after the 'Z' block is eliminated. This is
; due to the fact that the SimplifyCFG function does not use
; the ConstantFoldTerminator function.
; RUN: opt < %s -simplifycfg -S | FileCheck %s
; CHECK-NOT: br i1 %c2
declare void @noop()
define i32 @test(i1 %c1, i1 %c2) {
call void @noop( )
br i1 %c1, label %A, label %Y
A: ; preds = %0
call void @noop( )
br i1 %c2, label %Z, label %X
Z: ; preds = %A
br label %X
X: ; preds = %Y, %Z, %A
call void @noop( )
ret i32 0
Y: ; preds = %0
call void @noop( )
br label %X