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// RUN: not llvm-tblgen -gen-dag-isel -I %p/../../include %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
// The HwModeSelect class is intended to serve as a base class for other
// classes that are then used to select a value based on the HW mode.
// It contains a list of HW modes, and a derived class should provide a
// list of corresponding values.
// These two lists must have the same size. Make sure that a violation of
// this requirement is diagnosed.
include "llvm/Target/"
def TestTargetInstrInfo : InstrInfo;
def TestTarget : Target {
let InstructionSet = TestTargetInstrInfo;
def TestReg : Register<"testreg">;
def TestClass : RegisterClass<"TestTarget", [i32], 32, (add TestReg)>;
def TestMode1 : HwMode<"+feat1">;
def TestMode2 : HwMode<"+feat2">;
def BadDef : ValueTypeByHwMode<[TestMode1, TestMode2, DefaultMode],
[i8, i16, i32, i64]>;
// CHECK: error: in record BadDef derived from HwModeSelect: the lists Modes and Objects should have the same size