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; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-linux-gnu -O0 %s -o - | FileCheck %s
; CHECK: patatino:
; CHECK: .cfi_startproc
; CHECK: movzwl (%rax), [[REG0:%e[abcd]x]]
; CHECK: movl [[REG0]], %e[[REG1C:[abcd]]]x
; CHECK: movq %r[[REG1C]]x, ({{%r[abcd]x}})
; CHECK: retq
define void @patatino() {
%tmp = load i16, i16* undef, align 8
%conv18098 = sext i16 %tmp to i64
%and1 = and i64 %conv18098, -1
%cmp = icmp ult i64 -1, undef
%conv = sext i1 %cmp to i64
%load1 = load i48, i48* undef, align 8
%bf.cast18158 = sext i48 %load1 to i64
%conv18159 = trunc i64 %bf.cast18158 to i32
%conv18160 = sext i32 %conv18159 to i64
%div18162 = udiv i64 %conv, %conv18160
%and18163 = and i64 %conv18098, %div18162
%shr18164 = lshr i64 %and1, %and18163
%conv18165 = trunc i64 %shr18164 to i16
%conv18166 = zext i16 %conv18165 to i64
store i64 %conv18166, i64* undef, align 8
store i48 undef, i48* undef, align 8
ret void