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; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=x86_64-pc-linux -relocation-model=pic | FileCheck %s
; PR18390
; We used to assert creating this label. The name itself is not critical. It
; just needs to be a unique local symbol.
; PR36885
; The stub symbol should have pointer-size (8 byte) alignment.
; CHECK: .data
; CHECK-NEXT: .p2align 3
; CHECK-NEXT: .L.Lstr.DW.stub:
; CHECK-NEXT: .quad .Lstr
@str = private unnamed_addr constant [12 x i8] c"NSException\00"
define void @f() personality i8* bitcast (void ()* @h to i8*) {
invoke void @g()
to label %invoke.cont unwind label %lpad
ret void
%tmp14 = landingpad { i8*, i32 }
catch i8* getelementptr inbounds ([12 x i8], [12 x i8]* @str, i64 0, i64 0)
ret void
declare void @g()
declare void @h()