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include "llvm/Option/"
multiclass Eq<string name, string help> {
def NAME : Separate<["--", "-"], name>;
def NAME #_eq : Joined<["--", "-"], name #"=">,
def help : Flag<["-", "--"], "help">;
def allow_broken_links
: Flag<["-", "--"], "allow-broken-links">,
HelpText<"Allow llvm-objcopy to remove sections even if it would leave "
"invalid section references. The appropriate sh_link fields"
"will be set to zero.">;
defm binary_architecture
: Eq<"binary-architecture", "Used when transforming an architecture-less "
"format (such as binary) to another format">;
def B : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "B">, Alias<binary_architecture>;
defm target : Eq<"target", "Format of the input and output file">,
def F : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "F">, Alias<target>;
defm input_target : Eq<"input-target", "Format of the input file">,
def I : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "I">, Alias<input_target>;
defm output_target : Eq<"output-target", "Format of the output file">,
def O : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "O">, Alias<output_target>;
def compress_debug_sections : Flag<["--", "-"], "compress-debug-sections">;
def compress_debug_sections_eq
: Joined<["--", "-"], "compress-debug-sections=">,
MetaVarName<"[ zlib | zlib-gnu ]">,
HelpText<"Compress DWARF debug sections using specified style. Supported "
"styles: 'zlib-gnu' and 'zlib'">;
def decompress_debug_sections : Flag<["-", "--"], "decompress-debug-sections">,
HelpText<"Decompress DWARF debug sections.">;
defm split_dwo
: Eq<"split-dwo", "Equivalent to extract-dwo on the input file to "
"<dwo-file>, then strip-dwo on the input file">,
def enable_deterministic_archives
: Flag<["-", "--"], "enable-deterministic-archives">,
HelpText<"Enable deterministic mode when copying archives (use zero for "
"UIDs, GIDs, and timestamps).">;
def D : Flag<["-"], "D">,
HelpText<"Alias for --enable-deterministic-archives">;
def disable_deterministic_archives
: Flag<["-", "--"], "disable-deterministic-archives">,
HelpText<"Disable deterministic mode when copying archives (use real "
"values for UIDs, GIDs, and timestamps).">;
def U : Flag<["-"], "U">,
HelpText<"Alias for --disable-deterministic-archives">;
def preserve_dates : Flag<["-", "--"], "preserve-dates">,
HelpText<"Preserve access and modification timestamps">;
def p : Flag<["-"], "p">, Alias<preserve_dates>;
defm add_gnu_debuglink
: Eq<"add-gnu-debuglink", "Add a .gnu_debuglink for <debug-file>">,
defm remove_section : Eq<"remove-section", "Remove <section>">,
def R : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "R">, Alias<remove_section>;
defm rename_section
: Eq<"rename-section",
"Renames a section from old to new, optionally with specified flags. "
"Flags supported for GNU compatibility: alloc, load, noload, "
"readonly, debug, code, data, rom, share, contents, merge, strings.">,
defm redefine_symbol
: Eq<"redefine-sym", "Change the name of a symbol old to new">,
defm redefine_symbols
: Eq<"redefine-syms",
"Reads a list of symbol pairs from <filename> and runs as if "
"--redefine-sym=<old>=<new> is set for each one. <filename> "
"contains two symbols per line separated with whitespace and may "
"contain comments beginning with '#'. Leading and trailing "
"whitespace is stripped from each line. May be repeated to read "
"symbols from many files.">,
defm keep_section : Eq<"keep-section", "Keep <section>">,
defm only_section : Eq<"only-section", "Remove all but <section>">,
def j : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "j">, Alias<only_section>;
defm add_section
: Eq<"add-section",
"Make a section named <section> with the contents of <file>.">,
defm set_section_flags
: Eq<"set-section-flags",
"Set section flags for a given section. Flags supported for GNU "
"compatibility: alloc, load, noload, readonly, debug, code, data, "
"rom, share, contents, merge, strings.">,
def strip_all : Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-all">,
HelpText<"Remove non-allocated sections outside segments. "
".gnu.warning* sections are not removed">;
def S : Flag<["-"], "S">, Alias<strip_all>;
def strip_all_gnu : Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-all-gnu">,
HelpText<"Compatible with GNU objcopy's --strip-all">;
def strip_debug : Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-debug">,
HelpText<"Remove all debug information">;
def g : Flag<["-"], "g">, Alias<strip_debug>,
HelpText<"Alias for --strip-debug">;
def strip_dwo : Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-dwo">,
HelpText<"Remove all DWARF .dwo sections from file">;
def strip_sections
: Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-sections">,
HelpText<"Remove all section headers and all sections not in segments">;
def strip_non_alloc
: Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-non-alloc">,
HelpText<"Remove all non-allocated sections outside segments">;
def strip_unneeded : Flag<["-", "--"], "strip-unneeded">,
HelpText<"Remove all symbols not needed by relocations">;
defm strip_unneeded_symbol
: Eq<"strip-unneeded-symbol",
"Remove symbol <symbol> if it is not needed by relocations">,
defm strip_unneeded_symbols
: Eq<"strip-unneeded-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and removes them "
"if they are not needed by relocations">,
def extract_dwo
: Flag<["-", "--"], "extract-dwo">,
"Remove all sections that are not DWARF .dwo sections from file">;
def localize_hidden
: Flag<["-", "--"], "localize-hidden">,
"Mark all symbols that have hidden or internal visibility as local">;
defm localize_symbol : Eq<"localize-symbol", "Mark <symbol> as local">,
defm localize_symbols
: Eq<"localize-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and marks them local.">,
def L : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "L">, Alias<localize_symbol>;
defm globalize_symbol : Eq<"globalize-symbol", "Mark <symbol> as global">,
defm globalize_symbols
: Eq<"globalize-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and marks them global.">,
defm keep_global_symbol
: Eq<"keep-global-symbol",
"Convert all symbols except <symbol> to local. May be repeated to "
"convert all except a set of symbols to local.">,
def G : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "G">, Alias<keep_global_symbol>;
defm keep_global_symbols
: Eq<"keep-global-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and runs as if "
"--keep-global-symbol=<symbol> is set for each one. <filename> "
"contains one symbol per line and may contain comments beginning with "
"'#'. Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped from each line. May "
"be repeated to read symbols from many files.">,
defm weaken_symbol : Eq<"weaken-symbol", "Mark <symbol> as weak">,
defm weaken_symbols
: Eq<"weaken-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and marks them weak.">,
def W : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "W">, Alias<weaken_symbol>;
def weaken : Flag<["-", "--"], "weaken">,
HelpText<"Mark all global symbols as weak">;
def discard_locals : Flag<["-", "--"], "discard-locals">,
HelpText<"Remove compiler-generated local symbols, (e.g. "
"symbols starting with .L)">;
def X : Flag<["-"], "X">, Alias<discard_locals>;
def discard_all
: Flag<["-", "--"], "discard-all">,
HelpText<"Remove all local symbols except file and section symbols">;
def x : Flag<["-"], "x">, Alias<discard_all>;
defm strip_symbol : Eq<"strip-symbol", "Remove symbol <symbol>">,
defm strip_symbols
: Eq<"strip-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and removes them.">,
def N : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "N">, Alias<strip_symbol>;
defm keep_symbol : Eq<"keep-symbol", "Do not remove symbol <symbol>">,
def K : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "K">, Alias<keep_symbol>;
defm keep_symbols
: Eq<"keep-symbols",
"Reads a list of symbols from <filename> and runs as if "
"--keep-symbol=<symbol> is set for each one. <filename> "
"contains one symbol per line and may contain comments beginning with "
"'#'. Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped from each line. May "
"be repeated to read symbols from many files.">,
def only_keep_debug
: Flag<["-", "--"], "only-keep-debug">,
HelpText<"Clear sections that would not be stripped by --strip-debug. "
"Currently only implemented for COFF.">;
def keep_file_symbols : Flag<["-", "--"], "keep-file-symbols">,
HelpText<"Do not remove file symbols">;
defm dump_section
: Eq<"dump-section",
"Dump contents of section named <section> into file <file>">,
defm prefix_symbols
: Eq<"prefix-symbols", "Add <prefix> to the start of every symbol name">,
def version : Flag<["-", "--"], "version">,
HelpText<"Print the version and exit.">;
def V : Flag<["-"], "V">, Alias<version>;
defm build_id_link_dir
: Eq<"build-id-link-dir", "Set directory for --build-id-link-input and "
"--build-id-link-output to <dir>">,
defm build_id_link_input
: Eq<"build-id-link-input", "Hard-link the input to <dir>/xx/xxx<suffix> "
"name derived from hex build ID">,
defm build_id_link_output
: Eq<"build-id-link-output", "Hard-link the output to <dir>/xx/xxx<suffix> "
"name derived from hex build ID">,
def regex
: Flag<["-", "--"], "regex">,
HelpText<"Permit regular expressions in name comparison">;
defm set_start : Eq<"set-start", "Set the start address to <addr>. Overrides "
"any previous --change-start or --adjust-start values.">,
defm change_start : Eq<"change-start", "Add <incr> to the start address. Can be "
"specified multiple times, all values will be applied "
def adjust_start : JoinedOrSeparate<["-", "--"], "adjust-start">,
defm add_symbol
: Eq<"add-symbol", "Add new symbol <name> to .symtab. Accepted flags: "
"global, local, weak, default, hidden, file, section, object, "
"function, indirect-function. Accepted but ignored for "
"compatibility: debug, constructor, warning, indirect, synthetic, "
"unique-object, before.">,