AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Introduce vcc reg bank

I'm not entirely sure this is the correct thing
to do with the global isel philosophy, but I think
this is necessary to handle how differently SGPRs
are used normally vs. from a condition.

For example, it makes sense to allow a copy
from a VGPR to an SGPR, but it makes no sense
to allow a copy from VGPRs to SGPRs used as
select mask.

This avoids regbankselecting strange code with
a truncate feeding directly into a condition field.
Now a copy is forced from sgpr(s1) to vcc, which is
more sensible to handle.

Some of these issues could probably avoided with making enough
operations resulting in i1 illegal. I think we can't avoid
this register bank for legality.

For example, an i1 and where one source is from a truncate, and
one source is a compare needs some kind of copy inserted to
make sure both are in condition registers.

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