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; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-- < %s -frame-pointer=all | FileCheck %s
; This test is checking that we don't crash and we don't incorrectly fold
; a large displacement and a frame index into a single lea.
; <rdar://problem/9763308>
declare void @bar([39 x i8]*)
define i32 @f(i64 %a, i64 %b) nounwind readnone {
%stack_main = alloca [39 x i8]
call void @bar([39 x i8]* %stack_main)
%tmp6 = add i64 %a, -2147483647
%.sum = add i64 %tmp6, %b
%tmp8 = getelementptr inbounds [39 x i8], [39 x i8]* %stack_main, i64 0, i64 %.sum
%tmp9 = load i8, i8* %tmp8, align 1
%tmp10 = sext i8 %tmp9 to i32
ret i32 %tmp10
; CHECK: movsbl -2147483647