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# RUN: llc -O0 %s -o - -march=avr | FileCheck %s
# This test checks the expansion of the 16-bit 'LDDWRdPtrQ' pseudo instruction.
# This test ensures that the pseudo expander can correctly handle the case
# where we are expanding a 16-bit LDD instruction where the source and
# destination registers are the same.
# The instruction itself is earlyclobber and so ISel will never produce an
# instruction like this, but the stack slot loading can and will.
--- |
target triple = "avr--"
define void @test_lddwrdptrq() {
ret void
name: test_lddwrdptrq
tracksRegLiveness: true
body: |
; CHECK-LABEL: test_lddwrdptrq
; CHECK: ldd [[SCRATCH:r[0-9]+]], Y+10
; CHECK-NEXT: ldd [[SCRATCH]], Y+11
; CHECK-NEXT: mov r29, [[SCRATCH]]
; CHECK-NEXT: pop r28
early-clobber $r29r28 = LDDWRdPtrQ undef $r29r28, 10