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Rewriting generic-mode kernel with a customized state machine. [OMP131]
.. _omp131:
This optimization remark indicates that a generic-mode kernel on the device was
specialized for the given target region. When offloading in generic-mode, a
state machine is required to schedule the work between the parallel worker
threads. This optimization specializes the state machine in cases where there is
a known number of parallel regions inside the kernel. A much simpler state
machine can be used if it is known that there is no nested parallelism and the
number of regions to schedule is a static amount.
This optimization should occur on any generic-mode kernel that has visibility on
all parallel regions, but cannot be moved to SPMD-mode and has no nested
.. code-block:: c++
#pragma omp declare target
int TID;
#pragma omp end declare target
void foo() {
#pragma omp target
TID = omp_get_thread_num();
#pragma omp parallel
.. code-block:: console
$ clang++ -fopenmp -fopenmp-targets=nvptx64 -O2 -Rpass=openmp-opt omp131.cpp
omp131.cpp:8:1: remark: Rewriting generic-mode kernel with a customized state machine. [OMP131]
#pragma omp target
Diagnostic Scope
OpenMP target offloading optimization remark.