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; RUN: opt -passes="verify<scalar-evolution>,lcssa,verify<scalar-evolution>" -verify-scev-strict -S %s
; The first SCEV verification is required because it queries SCEV and populates
; SCEV caches. Second SCEV verification checks if the caches are in valid state.
; Check that the second SCEV verification doesn't fail.
define void @foo(ptr %arg, ptr %arg1, i1 %arg2) {
br label %bb3
bb3: ; preds = %bb13, %bb
%tmp = load i32, ptr %arg
%tmp4 = load i32, ptr %arg1
%tmp5 = add i32 %tmp4, %tmp
%tmp6 = icmp sgt i32 %tmp5, %tmp
br i1 %tmp6, label %bb7, label %bb11
bb7: ; preds = %bb3
br i1 %arg2, label %bb10, label %bb8
bb8: ; preds = %bb7
%tmp9 = add nsw i32 %tmp, 1
ret void
bb10: ; preds = %bb7
br label %bb11
bb11: ; preds = %bb10, %bb3
%tmp12 = phi i32 [ 0, %bb3 ], [ %tmp4, %bb10 ]
br label %bb13
bb13: ; preds = %bb13, %bb11
%tmp14 = phi i32 [ %tmp15, %bb13 ], [ 0, %bb11 ]
%tmp15 = add nuw nsw i32 %tmp14, 1
%tmp16 = icmp slt i32 %tmp15, %tmp12
br i1 %tmp16, label %bb13, label %bb3