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; This test shows a few canonicalizations made by deadargelim
; RUN: opt < %s -passes=deadargelim -S > %t
; This test should remove {} and replace it with void
; RUN: cat %t | grep "define internal void @test"
; This test shouls replace the {i32} return value with just i32
; RUN: cat %t | grep "define internal i32 @test2"
define internal {} @test() {
ret {} undef
define internal {i32} @test2() {
ret {i32} undef
define void @caller() {
call {} @test()
%X = call {i32} @test2()
%Y = extractvalue {i32} %X, 0
call void @user(i32 %Y, {i32} %X)
ret void
declare void @user(i32, {i32})