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# RUN: llc -mtriple=riscv32 -o - -run-pass=none -verify-machineinstrs %s | FileCheck %s
# REQUIRES: riscv-registered-target
# This test checks that the G_BRJT is an indirect branch by leveraging RISCV's
# version of analyzeBranch. If G_BRJT would not be an indirect branch, this
# test would crash.
name: test_jump_table
legalized: true
tracksRegLiveness: true
kind: block-address
- id: 0
blocks: [ '%bb.0' ]
body: |
liveins: $x0
%0:_(s32) = COPY $x0
%1:_(p0) = COPY $x0
; CHECK-NOT: Branch instruction is missing a basic block operand or isIndirectBranch property
G_BRJT %1, %jump-table.0, %0