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@ RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple=armv7 %s -o %t
@ RUN: llvm-readelf -r %t | FileCheck %s
@ RUN: llvm-objdump -dr --triple=armv7 %t | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=DISASM
@ RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple=armebv7 %s -o %t
@ RUN: llvm-readelf -r %t | FileCheck %s
@ CHECK: There are no relocations in this file.
@ DISASM-LABEL: <bar>:
@ DISASM-NEXT: adr.w r0, #-4
@ DISASM-NEXT: adr.w r0, #-8
@ DISASM-NEXT: ldr.w pc, [pc, #-0xc] @ 0x10 <bar>
@ DISASM-NEXT: ldr r0, [pc, #0x0] @ 0x20 <bar+0x10>
@ DISASM-NEXT: add r0, pc
@ DISASM-NEXT: .word 0xffffffef
@@ GNU assembler creates an R_ARM_REL32 referencing bar.
@ DISASM-NOT: {{.}}
.syntax unified
.globl foo
ldrd r0, r1, foo @ arm_pcrel_10_unscaled
vldr d0, foo @ arm_pcrel_10
adr r2, foo @ arm_adr_pcrel_12
ldr r0, foo @ arm_ldst_pcrel_12
.type bar, %function
.globl bar
adr r0, bar @ thumb_adr_pcrel_10
adr.w r0, bar @ t2_adr_pcrel_12
ldr.w pc, bar @ t2_ldst_pcrel_12
ldr r0, .LCPI
add r0, pc
.long bar-(.LPC0_1+4) @ if there is no relocation, the value should be odd