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@ Check multiple .fpu directives.
@ The later .fpu directive should overwrite the earlier one.
@ We also check here that all the .fpu directives that we expect to work do work
@ RUN: llvm-mc -triple arm-eabi -filetype obj %s \
@ RUN: | llvm-readobj --arch-specific - \
@ RUN: | FileCheck %s -check-prefix CHECK-ATTR
.fpu none
.fpu vfp
.fpu vfpv2
.fpu vfpv3
.fpu vfpv3-fp16
.fpu vfpv3-d16
.fpu vfpv3-d16-fp16
.fpu vfpv3xd
.fpu vfpv3xd-fp16
.fpu vfpv4
.fpu vfpv4-d16
.fpu fpv4-sp-d16
.fpu fpv5-d16
.fpu fpv5-sp-d16
.fpu fp-armv8
.fpu neon
.fpu neon-fp16
.fpu neon-vfpv4
.fpu neon-fp-armv8
.fpu crypto-neon-fp-armv8
.fpu softvfp
.fpu vfpv4
@ CHECK-ATTR: FileAttributes {
@ CHECK-ATTR: Attribute {
@ CHECK-ATTR: TagName: FP_arch
@ CHECK-ATTR: Description: VFPv4