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; Test functionality of -D option: string variables are defined to the right
; value and CHECK directives using them match as expected given the value set.
; String variable correctly defined to a non-empty string.
RUN: FileCheck -DVALUE=10 --input-file %s %s
RUN: %ProtectFileCheckOutput not FileCheck -DVALUE=20 --input-file %s %s 2>&1 \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix ERRMSG
RUN: %ProtectFileCheckOutput \
RUN: not FileCheck -DVALUE=10 --check-prefix NOT --input-file %s %s 2>&1 \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix NOT-ERRMSG
RUN: FileCheck -DVALUE=20 --check-prefix NOT --input-file %s %s
Value = 10
CHECK: Value = [[VALUE]]
NOT-NOT: Value = [[VALUE]]
ERRMSG: defines.txt:[[@LINE-3]]:8: error: CHECK: expected string not found in input
ERRMSG: defines.txt:1:1: note: scanning from here
ERRMSG: defines.txt:1:1: note: with "VALUE" equal to "20"
ERRMSG: defines.txt:[[@LINE-7]]:1: note: possible intended match here
NOT-ERRMSG: defines.txt:[[@LINE-7]]:10: error: {{NOT}}-NOT: excluded string found in input
NOT-ERRMSG: defines.txt:[[@LINE-10]]:1: note: found here
NOT-ERRMSG: defines.txt:[[@LINE-11]]:1: note: with "VALUE" equal to "10"
; Definition of string variable to an empty string.
RUN: FileCheck -DVALUE= --check-prefix EMPTY --input-file %s %s 2>&1
Empty value = @@
EMPTY: Empty value = @[[VALUE]]@