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; RUN: lli -jit-kind=orc-lazy -extra-module %p/Inputs/hidden-definitions.ll %s
; RUN: not lli -jit-kind=orc-lazy -jd libFoo -extra-module %p/Inputs/hidden-definitions.ll %s
; Check that hidden symbols in another module are visible when the module is
; added to the same JITDylib, and not visible if it is added to a different
; JITDylib.
@bar = external global i32
declare i32 @foo()
define i32 @main(i32 %argc, ptr nocapture readnone %argv) {
%0 = call i32() @foo()
%1 = load i32, ptr @bar
%2 = add i32 %0, %1
ret i32 %2