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RUN: llvm-dwarfdump -v %p/Inputs/dwarfdump-test-zlib.elf-x86-64 | FileCheck %s
RUN: llvm-dwarfdump -v %p/Inputs/dwarfdump-test-zlib.o.elf-x86-64 | FileCheck %s
CHECK: .debug_abbrev contents
// Dump content of a little section to check that both zlib and zlib gnu styles do
// the decompression correctly and result is the same. This and above also checks
// that sections names are properly shown in zlib-gnu style (without additional 'z' prefix).
CHECK: .debug_info contents
CHECK: 0x00000000: Compile Unit: length = 0x00000144, format = DWARF32, version = 0x0004, abbr_offset = 0x0000, addr_size = 0x08 (next unit at 0x00000148)
// Also check that relocations in the .zdebug sections are handled correctly:
CHECK: DW_AT_ranges {{.*}} (0x00000000{{$}}