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#RUN: not llvm-xray account %s -o - -m %S/Inputs/simple-instrmap.yaml -d 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
#RUN: llvm-xray account %s -k -o - -m %S/Inputs/simple-instrmap.yaml -d 2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=KEEPGOING
version: 1
type: 0
constant-tsc: true
nonstop-tsc: true
cycle-frequency: 0
# We simulate the case when, for whatever reason, we see that a thread's stack
# is empty when we see an EXIT record. This can happen for example when an
# instrumented function does a 'fork()', where the child process will not see
# the entry record but see the exit record. This is completely valid data,
# which should be handled with grace (i.e. we treat it as an error, but since
# the llvm-xray account tool has an option to keep going, gives the user a
# chance to retry).
- { type: 0, func-id: 1, cpu: 1, thread: 1, kind: function-exit, tsc: 10000}
#CHECK: Error processing record: {{.*}}
#CHECK-NEXT: Thread ID: 1
#CHECK-NEXT: (empty stack)
#CHECK-NEXT: llvm-xray: Failed accounting function calls in file '{{.*}}'.
#KEEPGOING: Error processing record: {{.*}}
#KEEPGOING-NEXT: (empty stack)