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// RUN: llvm-tblgen -gen-global-isel -optimize-match-table=false -I %p/../../include -I %p/Common %s -o - < %s | FileCheck -check-prefix=GISEL %s
include "llvm/Target/"
include ""
def ST_ATOM_B32 : I<(outs), (ins GPR32Op:$val, GPR32Op:$ptr), []>;
// Check that the pattern for atomic_store inverts the operands to
// match the order of G_STORE.
// GISEL: GIM_CheckOpcode, /*MI*/0, TargetOpcode::G_STORE,
// GISEL-NEXT: GIM_CheckMemorySizeEqualTo, /*MI*/0, /*MMO*/0, /*Size*/1,
// GISEL-NEXT: GIM_CheckAtomicOrderingOrStrongerThan, /*MI*/0, /*Order*/(int64_t)AtomicOrdering::Unordered,
// GISEL-NEXT: // MIs[0] ptr
// GISEL-NEXT: GIM_CheckPointerToAny, /*MI*/0, /*Op*/1, /*SizeInBits*/0,
// GISEL-NEXT: // MIs[0] val
// GISEL-NEXT: GIM_CheckType, /*MI*/0, /*Op*/0, /*Type*/GILLT_s32,
// GISEL-NEXT: // (atomic_store iPTR:{ *:[iPTR] }:$ptr, i32:{ *:[i32] }:$val)<<P:Predicate_atomic_store_8>> => (ST_ATOM_B32 GPR32Op:{ *:[i32] }:$val, GPR32Op:{ *:[i32] }:$ptr)
// GISEL-NEXT: GIR_MutateOpcode, /*InsnID*/0, /*RecycleInsnID*/0, /*Opcode*/MyTarget::ST_ATOM_B32,
def : Pat<
// (atomic_store_8 iPTR:$ptr, i32:$val),
(atomic_store_8 iPTR:$ptr, i32:$val),
(ST_ATOM_B32 GPR32Op:$val, GPR32Op:$ptr)