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; RUN: llc < %s -fast-isel -fast-isel-abort=1 -verify-machineinstrs
; Regression test for PR47040, in which an assertion was improperly
; triggered during FastISel's address computation. The issue was that
; an `Address` set to be relative to FrameIndex zero was incorrectly
; considered to have an unset base. When the left hand side of an add
; set the Address to have a FrameIndex base of 0, the right side would
; not detect that the Address base had already been set and could try
; to set the Address to be relative to a register instead, triggering
; an assertion.
target triple = "wasm32-unknown-unknown"
define i32 @foo() {
%stack_addr = alloca i32
%stack_i = ptrtoint ptr %stack_addr to i32
%added = add i32 %stack_i, undef
%added_addr = inttoptr i32 %added to ptr
%ret = load i32, ptr %added_addr
ret i32 %ret