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;Check 5.5 Parameter Passing --> Stage C --> C.1.cp statement for VA functions.
;Note: There are no VFP CPRCs in a variadic procedure.
;Check that after %C was sent to stack, we set Next Core Register Number to R4.
;This test is simplified IR version of
;RUN: llc -mtriple=thumbv7-linux-gnueabihf -float-abi=hard < %s | FileCheck %s
@.str = private unnamed_addr constant [13 x i8] c"%d %d %f %i\0A\00", align 1
;CHECK-LABEL: printfn:
define void @printfn(i32 %a, i16 signext %b, double %C, i8 signext %E) {
%conv = sext i16 %b to i32
%conv1 = sext i8 %E to i32
%call = tail call i32 (ptr, ...) @printf(
ptr @.str, ; --> R0
i32 %a, ; --> R1
i32 %conv, ; --> R2
double %C, ; --> SP, NCRN := R4
;CHECK: str r2, [sp, #8]
i32 %conv1) ; --> SP+8
ret void
declare i32 @printf(ptr nocapture, ...)