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; REQUIRES: x86_64-linux
; RUN: opt < %s -passes=pseudo-probe -function-sections -S -o - | FileCheck %s
;; Check the generation of pseudoprobe intrinsic call for non-EH blocks only.
declare i32 @__gxx_personality_v0(...)
declare i32 nounwind
declare ptr @__cxa_begin_catch(ptr)
declare void @__cxa_end_catch()
declare void @bar()
@_ZTIi = external constant ptr
define void @foo() uwtable ssp personality ptr @__gxx_personality_v0 {
; CHECK: call void @llvm.pseudoprobe
invoke void @bar()
to label %ret unwind label %lpad
; CHECK: call void @llvm.pseudoprobe
ret void
lpad: ; preds = %entry
; CHECK-NOT: call void @llvm.pseudoprobe
%exn = landingpad {ptr, i32}
catch ptr @_ZTIi
%eh.exc = extractvalue { ptr, i32 } %exn, 0
%eh.selector = extractvalue { ptr, i32 } %exn, 1
%0 = call i32 @_ZTIi) nounwind
%1 = icmp eq i32 %eh.selector, %0
br i1 %1, label %catch, label %eh.resume
; CHECK-NOT: call void @llvm.pseudoprobe
%ignored = call ptr @__cxa_begin_catch(ptr %eh.exc) nounwind
call void @__cxa_end_catch() nounwind
br label %ret
; CHECK-NOT: call void @llvm.pseudoprobe
resume { ptr, i32 } %exn