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; Do setup work for all below tests: generate bitcode and combined index
; RUN: opt -module-summary %s -o %t.main.bc
; RUN: opt -module-summary %p/Inputs/noinline.ll -o %t.inputs.noinline.bc
; RUN: llvm-lto -thinlto -o %t.summary %t.main.bc %t.inputs.noinline.bc
; Attempt the import now, ensure below that file containing noinline
; is not imported by default but imported with -force-import-all.
; RUN: opt -passes=function-import -summary-file %t.summary.thinlto.bc %t.main.bc -S 2>&1 \
; RUN: | FileCheck -check-prefix=NOIMPORT %s
; RUN: opt -passes=function-import -force-import-all -summary-file %t.summary.thinlto.bc \
; RUN: %t.main.bc -S 2>&1 | FileCheck -check-prefix=IMPORT %s
define i32 @main() #0 {
%f = alloca i64, align 8
call void @foo(ptr %f)
ret i32 0
; NOIMPORT: declare void @foo(ptr)
; IMPORT: define available_externally void @foo
declare void @foo(ptr) #1