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; RUN: llvm-as < %s >%t1
; RUN: llvm-lto -exported-symbol=io_cancel_0_4 -exported-symbol=io_cancel_weak_0_4 -exported-symbol=foo -o %t2 %t1
; RUN: llvm-nm %t2 | FileCheck %s
; RUN: llvm-lto2 run -r %t1,io_cancel_0_4,plx -r %t1,io_cancel_0_4,lx -r %t1,io_cancel_local_0_4,plx -r %t1,io_cancel_weak_0_4,plx -r %t1,io_cancel_weak_0_4,lx -r %t1,io_cancel@@LIBAIO_0.4,plx -r %t1,io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4,plx -r %t1,io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4.1,plx -r %t1,foo,plx -r %t1,foo,lx -r %t1,foo@@VER1,plx -o %t3 %t1 -save-temps
; RUN: llvm-nm %t3.0 | FileCheck %s
; RUN: llvm-dis %t3.0.2.internalize.bc -o - | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=INTERN
target datalayout = "e-m:e-p270:32:32-p271:32:32-p272:64:64-i64:64-f80:128-n8:16:32:64-S128"
target triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
module asm ".symver io_cancel_0_4,io_cancel@@LIBAIO_0.4"
module asm ".symver io_cancel_local_0_4,io_cancel_local@@LIBAIO_0.4"
module asm ".symver io_cancel_weak_0_4,io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4"
; Ensure we handle case of same aliasee with two version aliases.
module asm ".symver io_cancel_weak_0_4,io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4.1"
module asm ".symver foo,foo@@VER1"
; Local values used in inline assembly must be specified on the
; llvm.compiler.used so they aren't incorrectly DCE'd during module linking.
@llvm.compiler.used = appending global [1 x ptr] [ptr @io_cancel_local_0_4], section "llvm.metadata"
define i32 @io_cancel_0_4() {
; CHECK-DAG: T io_cancel@@LIBAIO_0.4
; CHECK-DAG: T io_cancel_0_4
ret i32 0
define internal i32 @io_cancel_local_0_4() {
; INTERN: llvm.compiler.used {{.*}} @io_cancel_local_0_4
; INTERN: define internal i32 @io_cancel_local_0_4()
; CHECK-DAG: t io_cancel_local@@LIBAIO_0.4
; CHECK-DAG: t io_cancel_local_0_4
ret i32 0
define weak i32 @io_cancel_weak_0_4() {
; CHECK-DAG: W io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4
; CHECK-DAG: W io_cancel_weak@@LIBAIO_0.4.1
; CHECK-DAG: W io_cancel_weak_0_4
ret i32 0
define i32 @"\01foo"() {
; CHECK-DAG: T foo@@VER1
; CHECK-DAG: T foo
ret i32 0