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; These tests are based on clang/test/CodeGenCXX/mangle-ms-md5.cpp
; RUN: llvm-undname < %s | FileCheck %s
; CHECK-NOT: Invalid mangled name
; MD5-mangled names start with ??@ and we should output them as is. We have
; two check lines here since the tool echos the input.
; CHECK: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@
; CHECK-NEXT: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@
; Don't include trailing garbage:
; CHECK: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@asdf
; CHECK-NEXT: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@
; The complete object locator special case:
; FIXME: This should probably print
; ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@::`RTTI Complete Object Locator' instead.
; CHECK: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@??_R4@
; CHECK-NEXT: ??@a6a285da2eea70dba6b578022be61d81@??_R4@